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In This Adorable Video, Fox Cubs Turn A Homeowner’S Backyard Into A Playground.

Heartwarming footage that has surfaced online shows how a gang of fox cubs have effectively transformed one Pennsylvania homeowner’s backyard into their own playground.

A video captured on a Ring security camera and originally posted to the Instagram account backyard__zoo chronicles the escapades of the trio of young foxes.

In the clip, they can be seen exploring their surroundings, play-fighting with one another and scarfing down plates of chopped-up sausages that the homeowner evidently left outside for them.

Pennsylvania is home to two distinct types of fox: red and gray. Red foxes are more likely to live alongside humans, which is just as well since the grays are considered the more aggressive species.

Pennsylvania’s Gaming Commission says that “red foxes seem less bothered by people than are grays and often inhabit heavily populated areas, although they are rarely seen due to their nocturnal habits.

“There are countless stories of reds rearing young in suburban settings. Generally, if the area can provide food and shelter, foxes will consider it, especially since coyotes continue to push out, or displace, reds from their historic habitats,” according to the commission.

Brian, the Pennsylvania homeowner who filmed the clip of the three fox cubs, told Ring he has been capturing footage of them in and around the outside of his house
“every night” since late April.

“We live very close to a local state park so we see a variety of wildlife on the property all the time,” he said.

However, Brian acknowledges there was something special about the moment when the 4- to 5-week-old cubs were first seen.

“I viewed the two videos and couldn’t believe my eyes,” he said. “I was very excited to see new wildlife on the property knowing that they lived nearby, and it most likely wouldn’t be the last time we saw them.”

Brian began searching for their den but it wasn’t until a couple of weeks later that the location was discovered. “My family was out on our deck and saw the fox cubs coming out from under our shed,” he said.

That night, he set up a series of cameras around where the suspected den was. That was when he began to get even more amazing footage of the furry young animals. It’s been a thrilling experience for him and the rest of his family.

“I am an Eagle Scout and really enjoy the outdoors and wildlife,” he said. “I love sharing the experience of watching all these animals with my 4-year-old daughter, my 10-month-old son and my wife.”

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