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In at least 8 ways, Canada is better than the USA. Let’s find out!

Canada plays two important roles in the contemporary American debate. When things aren’t going well at home, Americans threaten to leave (which, perhaps surprisingly, holds true for both liberals and conservatives in America). It’s also the butt of endless jokes, with the American hat or Robin Sparkles being associated with Canada. No doubt about it: Canada is better than USA in at least 7 ways


The rest of the world believes Canada is amazing.


According to a 2013 international study of 27,000 individuals worldwide, Canada has the best reputation in the world in terms of safety, public policy, government efficiency, and other traits of 50 other countries. Canada was far ahead of Sweden in that respected ranking.

Canadians believe that living in Canada is wonderful.


The OECD Better Living Survey asked people in 36 countries to score their overall life satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 10. Canadians place third in the world in terms of life satisfaction, with an average score of 7.6. Norway and Sweden have the best residents in Canada, whereas Americans have a life satisfaction rating of 7. For what it’s worth, Canada and the United States perform admirably. below the OECD satisfaction average of 6.6

One possible explanation is that Canada is quite safe.


According to the same OECD Better Lives survey, Canadians had the lowest rate of assault of any country.

In the previous year, an estimated 1.31 percent of Canadians were assaulted. In Canada, 67 percent of people say they feel comfortable walking outside at night, which is higher than the OECD average of 69 percent. Canadians are likewise less likely to be murdered than Americans, yet neither country’s homicide statistics are particularly noteworthy: both are rated in the bottom half of the 36 OECD countries in terms of homicides per 100,000 inhabitants per year.

Canada’s healthcare system is superior to ours.


A Canadian born today can expect to live to be 81 years old. This places Canada more than two years ahead of the US and one year ahead of the OECD average.

Comparing US with Canadian healthcare (or any international health system for that matter) is challenging, and current study suggests that Canadian healthcare may not improve as much as American care, as supporters of one-time payments believe.

Canadians outlive Americans by two years.

The Commonwealth has ranked the healthcare systems of 11 major countries, with the United States coming in bottom. Canada, on the other hand, did not fare much better, finishing in tenth place. Canada has had greater wait times than the United States, and the Commonwealth Fund gave it a bad score for operating an inefficient system. fruit.

However, for a marginally superior health-care system, Canada pays much less than the United States. Our northern neighbors spend around half of what we do on health care.

15-year-olds in Canada outperform 15-year-olds in the United States.


In the International Student Assessment Program, a regular study that measures children’s reading, math, and science ability in 44 nations, Canadian kids had the highest averages. In the most recent PISA results, Canadian high school sophomores ranked sixth internationally with a score of 522, higher above the OECD average of 497.

When it comes to completing the program of study, Canada and the United States are fairly comparable; both countries have roughly the same number of persons with a high school diploma.

Canadian air is less polluted


Head across the border and you’ll find fewer pollutants in the air. The average large city in Canada like Toronto has a lower number of particles in the air than large American cities.

No, Canada cannot be the best at everything.

They are, after all, only human. Canada has some of the lowest voter turnout in the world, with only 61 percent of registered voters indicating they voted in the most recent election. Many people voted in Hungary, Slovenia, Mexico, and virtually every other OECD country.

Of course, Canada excels at hockey.


Since 1993, no Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup. Yes, that is vexing. But we Canadians have an explanation: many of the players that win the league are from the north, which implies Canada’s ice hockey prowess will shine in the Olympics, when Canadians actually play for their native country.

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