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If You’ve Done These 12 Things, Then You’re A True Australian Pro

Tourists cuddling koalas. Real Australians don’t. We’ll tell you 12 typical Australian things to do in Australia so you can become a true Australian pro!

Ordered a flat white

The Australians were busy preparing the flat white while the purists sipped on their espressos and the Starbucks crowd indulged in frappuccinos. It’s close to a latte but not quite. You could only find it in Australia for a very long time.

Stumbled upon a snake


Although we don’t have sharks in every surf or kangaroos in every home, the cliché about snakes is actually rather true. A snake will eventually cross your path or relax on your window sill, by your pool, or in one of the countless other locations that attract snakes. Just be vigilant.

Caught a yabby, typical Australian things

When you go “out bush” with an Australian, they’ll start teaching you how to put together a yabby trap as soon as you get close to a creek. In a pinch, even a bundle of sticks will work, and with it, you may start enjoying Australia’s tiny but no less delectable lobster.

Worn an Australian flag


All true Australians have at least one piece of clothing bearing the Australian flag in their possession, whether it be board shorts, thongs, or a hat (even if it was just a gag gift at a work Christmas party). You can even go without a shirt on important occasions and simply wear the flag across your shoulders.

Sweated on Christmas

Australians spend Christmas perspiring through their shirts rather than scurrying through the snow. The traditional roast is a little difficult to handle in the heat, but you’ll quickly learn that cold leg ham, fresh prawns, and homemade pav make a much nicer Christmas supper.

Forming a perspective on local beer

No matter where you end up in this beautiful country, you must have individually decided whether Victoria’s VB or Queensland’s XXXX (often known as “four X”) is the better state for brewing beer. You might get deported if you say that they both taste terrible.

Sat up front, typical Australian things

Why do it to your taxi or Uber driver when you wouldn’t sit in the back and leave a friend alone at the front of the vehicle? Simply leap to the front.

Cooked a BBQ


You must host your pals and grill some sausages and steak for them in order to be a true friend. They will correct you if you are doing it incorrectly, but that is just the accepted custom.

Peed on a sting

The chances are stacked against you when you spend as much time in the ocean as Australians do; you will ultimately have to put up with a jellyfish or bluebottle sting. Although the lifeguards claim vinegar is the recommended treatment, a full bladder is more likely to be nearby than a bottle of vinegar. The burning sensation brought on by the sting will disappear after passing a little urine, and will be replaced with a burning sensation brought on by humiliation.

Enjoyed a burger with egg and beetroot

Once you’ve had a burger with beetroot and egg, you won’t know what it is to fully live. If you purchase it at a fish and chip shop, bonus points.

Chucked a sickie, typical Australian things

If the weather looks wonderful when you get up, you have every right to take the day off work and do whatever you want. Popular options include going to the beach or watching some cricket. The secret is to inform your supervisor that you are very ill by phone. They’ll be aware that you’re in tip-top shape, but Australian etiquette dictates that they refrain from complimenting you.

Called a friend a nasty name

The laid-back attitude of Australians
The laid-back attitude of Australians

In Australia, whether or not you know someone, you can be friends with practically anyone. For some reason, we use some of the nastiest phrases in the English language to refer to our real partners, letting them know how much they mean to us.

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