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Huka Falls: The Most Beautiful Waterfall In New Zealand

The Huka Falls will be audible before they are seen. It is the sound of a quarter of a million liters of water per second thundering 11 meters into the Waikato River below from a natural ravine. The top natural attraction in New Zealand is this amazing waterfall. It’s challenging to take your eyes off the never-ending, hypnotic stream. Here is everything about Huka Falls in Taupo you need to know before visiting.

1. What is special about Huka Falls?


One of New Zealand’s most impressive and popular natural attractions is The Huka Falls.

Water that has flowed across a broad riverbed measuring around 100 meters wide and four meters deep. Then being constrained to a tight river segment measuring approximately 15 meters wide and 10 meters deep produces Huka Falls.

Small waterfalls that drop over a distance of around eight meters are located near the summit of the falls. The Huka Falls’ most stunning feature, though, is seeing a large volume of water cascade over a cliff that rises 11 meters (35 feet) above the ground. The Huka Falls’ flow varies from 32 to 270 cubic meters per second. An average of 160 cubic meters per second flows daily over the falls. The height of the falls varies between seven and nine and a half meters, depending on the water flow.

The clean water at the base of the falls reflects blue light, giving the water its distinctive blue color, and air bubbles heighten the color.

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2. What does Huka Falls mean in Maori?


Huka is the Maori word for foam. Given the volume of foam that is produced every second the water goes over the edge, it is only appropriate that these series of falls are called “Foam Falls.” Huka Falls was produced due to the Waikato River’s enlargement, which caused a strong surge as the water struggled to pass through the small opening.

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3. How to get to Huka Falls from Taupo

The ease of entry to this utopia continues to be the main draw for visitors. The Taupo town center is only five minutes away by vehicle or bus from Huka Falls. The route is covered in a lush green forest, so one wishes the trip would last longer. Multiple daily bus services transport guests there from Taupo.

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4. Things to do near Taupo waterfall

Walking and sightseeing

Spa Park Pathway


Spa Park is an easy, gorgeous one-hour hike that begins when the river is still calm and wide. It runs alongside the Huka Falls. The trail emerges beside the river as the trek progresses, going through both exotic and native forests, and the sound of the falls gets louder at each turn.

There are a lot of fantastic vantage spots close to the falls where you may see them in all their grandeur and take pictures and selfies. The most popular natural attraction in New Zealand is this amazing sight.

It is really difficult to take your eyes off the never-ending, captivating stream. Given that you are in the Taupo region, a two-hour hike will take you through beautiful scenery before you reach the Aratiatia Dam, another fantastic destination that is well worth visiting.

Huka Falls lookout walk


Turn left after crossing the bridge over the falls from the Huka Falls parking lot. The beautiful Huka Falls may be seen from several viewpoint locations along this straightforward trek.

The Waikato River is forced down a narrow passage of hard rock that is only 15 meters broad and 10 meters deep, which results in the enormous amount of water that cascades over the falls. The river rushes out to produce the falls at the northern end.

The Control Gates Bridge regulates the river’s level above the falls. The gates were put in place in 1941. They allow the water held in Lake Taupo to create electricity at the nine hydroelectric power plants along the Waikato River.

According to electricity requirements, flow rates rise, changing the Huka Falls’ height from 7 to 9.5 meters.

Take a jet-boat ride


Therefore, it should be no surprise that Huka Falls is the most popular natural landmark in New Zealand, both among residents and visitors from abroad. There are now options to take a river cruise or a jet-boat ride to the pool created at the base of the falls, enhancing the experience. One might enjoy the gentle splashes of cool water falling on them while standing close to the pool.

At the very top of the fall, there is a footbridge that adds to its allure. Of course, for a closer view of the falls, we would advise taking a cruise or jet boat trip. All visitors must schedule their jet-boat rides well in advance because there is just one firm that offers these services. These boats, which go at an average speed of about 80 km/h, strike the ideal mix between excitement and rest.

Kayak across the lake


We comprehend that such a sight would leave one’s soul yearning for more. There are also spectacular beaches and bays near Lake Taupo that are certainly worthwhile visits for the nature aficionado in all of us. The experience of a lifetime is thought to be kayaking across this lake, which also happens to be New Zealand’s largest lake.

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