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How to visit Rocky Mountains National Park, Canada, in 1 day?

The Special Geographical Location of Rocky Mountain National Park, Canada

Rocky Mountain National Park, Canada
Rocky Mountain National Park, Canada

Rocky Mountain National Park is located in the northernmost part of the state of Colorado, about 70 miles from Denver city. The scenery is breathtaking, with majestic mountains, many lakes, and hundreds of thousands of beautiful waterfalls and wildlife freedom in the wilderness.
Start your trip early in the morning, hopping in a comfortable tour van to begin your full-day adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park.

What’s unique about the World’s most significant national Park?

Rocky Mountain National Park, Canada moose
Rocky Mountain National Park, Canada moose

When coming to this World’s largest Park, you cannot ignore the majestic snow-covered mountains. Experience nature and the great outdoors by walking along beautiful trails and spotting wildlife in its natural habitat. Wander around the glacial lake and watch for herds of elk that often graze in Moraine Park.

Not only that but Rocky Mountain is also known for its famous glaciers and snowfields. The most famous are probably the Columbia snowfields. This Columbia Snowfield is about 300 square kilometers wide, snows year-round throughout the month, and was formed during the first ice ages of the earth. Below and around the snowfield is a parking lot, located quite close to the highway, so people can easily explore the snow in the summer.

Winter here is heaven on earth

Winter in Rocky Mountain National Park, Canada
Winter in Rocky Mountain National Park, Canada

And only in winter: will we explore the ancient and peaceful Bear Lake. You can also research the Trail Ridge Road, stopping at the Alpine Visitor Center in the summer, which offers stunning views of the alpine tundra and mighty river. Photo opportunity while stopping at Estes Park, Rainbow Curve, Stanley Hotel. On the way to glimpse Boulder, Colorado, there are several attractions in this bustling town. You’ll also get a chance to learn some local history and buy a snack and souvenir.

Let’s enjoy other exciting things at

Afterward, visit the brewery for a craft beer tasting and lunch at a local restaurant. You can also participate in adventure activities such as kayaking and horseback riding. If you’re a movie or horror buff or a Stephen King fan, you can tour the famous, iconic Stanley Hotel in The Shining and snap some unique photos.v

Enjoy and spend a long day at the World’s Largest Park. This will be the most enjoyable and memorable experience you will ever have while in Canada.

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