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How To Stay Cool In The Dutch Heat?

The temperature is rising, the sun is shining brightly, and sweat is dripping down our backs. Hello and welcome to the summer in the Netherlands!

While we’d been waiting for warmer weather for nine months, we weren’t prepared for it to turn so hot so quickly. We are facing 30 degrees, a Code Yellow, and a Heatwave Plan.

If you don’t live in an air-conditioned house, you’re probably wondering how you’ll survive. Here are some of the best hints!

Close your curtains – Stay Cool In The Dutch Heat

Yes, we know it goes against the Dutch way of life, but closing your shades early in the morning can prevent sunlight and warmth from entering your new chilly home.

If your home or apartment has an awning (one of those helpful exterior coverings that sits over windows), make sure to lower it as soon as possible.

Keep the air clean.

If you don’t have air conditioning, use a fan to keep the air flowing. However, if the temperature outside is higher than the temperature inside, keep your doors and windows closed. Instead, open them at night and in the early morning.

Alter your sleeping habits – Stay Cool In The Dutch Heat

Instead of pyjamas, wear your birthday suit or a thin shirt to bed. In the same line, forego the blanket in favor of sleeping under a sheet, which can help you avoid those sticky evenings (unless you want them to be sticky, in which case we don’t judge).

Is your bedroom really hot? Moving your mattress downstairs or to a cooler room can make a significant impact – and it’s also a great workout!

All day drinking


No, not beer (but it is tempting!). Keeping hydrated is essential for beating the heat. Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Use all devices at your disposal

After cooking or showering, use your kitchen exhaust and bathroom fans to draw hot air out of the area. Otherwise, all of your hard work would be in vain.

Consume only fresh produce – Stay Cool In The Dutch Heat

No, we’re not talking about Subway. Salads, watermelon, fresh mint, and frozen delights will keep you cool. I love a bag of frozen raspberries – for €2, you get a fantastic frozen snack!

Spicy meals, contrary to popular thought, are an excellent method to beat the heat. They promote sweating, which allows your body to chill down. However, make sure to hydrate your body with enough of water!

Take a bath

If you can’t go to a pool, lake, or beach and don’t want to risk contracting a disease by swimming in a canal, the next best option is to take a chilly shower or bath.

But be cautious! While the cold water provides immediate relief, it also inhibits blood flow, which may result in an increase in core temperature.

Use a wet washcloth.


Apply a wet washcloth to the back of your neck or wrists. Frozen peas can also be used (and make a useful snack for later).

Drive wisely.

Is it essential for you to drive? If this is the case, leave your doors open before getting into your car to enable the heat to escape. Bring plenty of water and an umbrella for cover if your automobile breaks down.

People experiencing a breakdown are given priority by Rijswaterstaat (Public Works and Water Management) so that they can be rescued as soon as practicable.

Make good use of public transportation.

ProRail, a Dutch rail company, also suggests bringing water on the trains. Water bottles will be supplied as soon as feasible in the case of a stoppage (but, from experience, we highly recommend not relying on this).

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