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Hot Christmas In Australia: 8 Best Ways To Celebrate And Enjoy

Snow-covered sidewalks, campfire marshmallows, and mulled wine typically come to mind when people think of Christmas. Christmas is celebrated in Australia during the sweltering summer, so we celebrate somewhat differently. Instead of snow and hot cocoa, we substitute a nice beer and some sunshine. Here are some interesting ways to celebrate and enjoy a special Christmas in Australia.

Special Christmas In Summer In Australia


Australians reside on the largest island in the world, which is also the smallest continent. The majority of immigrants to Australia were from England and Ireland, bringing their own Christmas traditions with them.

The seasons are reversed in the Land Down Under, which is Australia. Christmas is observed on December 25 in Australia throughout the school year.

In Irish-practicing households, the father places a sizable candle in the front window of the house on Christmas Eve to welcome Mary, Joseph, and the Baby Jesus. The family’s youngest child lights the candle. On Christmas Eve, the family attends midnight mass, and they also go to church on Christmas Day. There are celebrations and visits afterward.

Families and close friends from all over Australia get together on Christmas Day. The Christmas luncheon is the high point of the day. Some families enjoy a traditional British Christmas meal of roast turkey or ham and rich plum pudding that is soaked in brandy and lit on fire before being served. The individual who receives the favor cooked inside will experience luck throughout the entire year.

Other families decide to grill their Christmas meal outside on the barbecue. Many families even take their cold turkey or ham and salad picnic to the beach or the woods. On Christmas, Father Christmas has been known to greet kids at the beach while wearing shorts!

Boxing Day is December 26, the day following Christmas. The grocery store clerk, postman, newspaper delivery, and other service providers get tips from British and Irish-born Australians in appreciation for their assistance during the previous year.

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8 Best Ways To Celebrate And Enjoy A Christmas In Australia

Carols By Candlelight


The majority of Australian communities now stage their own Carols by Candlelight, each with a different celebrity performer and distinctive style due to the event’s increasing popularity over time. Carols by Candlelight is a serene event with families bringing picnics, gatherings of people sitting on blankets, and the entire area filled with Christmas music. Carols by Candlelight is only one opportunity to give back to the community while enjoying the holidays because all earnings go to charity.

Relax On The Beach


If you’re used to a white Christmas, going to the beach might seem unusual, but folks in Australia do it all the time. The typical holiday outfit is still a pair of bathing suits, and some people even dress up as Santa (the kind of Santa who surfs the waves while wearing board shorts). So join in on the fun and hit the surf to spend your Christmas Day at a leisurely beach party!

BBQ Festivities

In Australia, where an outdoor barbecue is one of the primary locations for Christmas celebrations, the expression “whack it on the Barbie” is frequently used throughout the holiday season. A BBQ is usually required for Christmas lunch dishes, regardless of whether it is in the backyard, on the beach, or in the neighborhood park.

Boxing Day Test


The Boxing Day Test is an annual cricket match played at Melbourne’s Cricket Ground. The Boxing Day Test is the event that draws the most tourists during this holiday. People congregate around their TVs to watch the long game while sipping beverages and munching on snacks. Many Australians play their own cricket match in the backyard after watching the pros compete on television to display their prowess and after their second or third beer. Don’t miss the Boxing Day Test on Christmas Day!

Christmas Dinner In Australia


Australians frequently gather for Christmas lunch or dinner on Christmas Day with their closest relatives and friends. A variety of hot and cold foods, including fresh seafood, make up the typical supper. Despite the fact that Christmas happens during the summer, many families still celebrate the day with roast turkey, warm sides, and rich Christmas pudding. Except for BBQ king prawns, Christmas in the majority of Australian homes isn’t complete without a plate of prawns. Paul Hogan came up with the concept of “putting an extra shrimp on the barbecue” in 1984 as part of a tourism campaign.

On Christmas Day, if you’re celebrating with a group of pals, you might think of hosting a “pot luck.” This implies that everyone can bring a meal to share and that hosting doesn’t have to rest solely on one person. Why not request that visitors bring a holiday meal from their country?

Street Christmas Parties

The balmy nights of summer are one of its best attractions! Christmas street celebrations are the ideal outdoor setting because the heat lasts far after sunset. Hundreds of Australian neighborhoods participate in this custom, gathering on the street and socializing with their neighbors.

Christmas Lights Across Australia


The Christmas lights throughout Australia are a tradition in both the cities and the suburbs, and they range from enormous trees and vibrant ornaments to pleasant light displays. With these brilliant lights, the streets come to life in an effort to spread festive cheer. No matter where you go in Australia, there is probably a Christmas light display close by. These displays range from professional ones set up by city councils to amateur ones on a few suburban streets.

Give and Receive Christmas Gifts In Australia


In Australia, giving and receiving Christmas gifts are customary. This is typically maintained between family and friends, but you can think about sending a modest gift or note to a manager or another person you’d like to thank.

Consider hosting a Secret Santa if you want to participate in Christmas gift-giving but also want to save some money. Gather a group of three or more people, put everyone’s names in a hat, and ask each individual to choose a name. Then you decide on a budget, and everyone is required to buy a present for their chosen recipient. On Christmas Day in Australia, you exchange gifts either anonymously or with a custom card. It’s an easy and enjoyable method to ensure that everyone receives a gift without having to shoulder the enormous cost of holiday shopping.

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