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The amazing moment herd comes to rescue baby elephant after it collapses on a busy road


This is the amazing moment when a herd of elephants runs to help a baby elephant who appeared to collapse in the middle of the road

The moment was captured on film in the middle of the road at the Kruger National Park, causing traffic to stop.

The baby calf attempted to get back on its feet after collapsing, with no luck, and so ended up laying flat down on the pavement.

Instead of abandoning to baby on the road, a few of the adult elephants ran over to try and assist the calf with their trunks and feet.

Eventually several adult elephants appeared and tried to rescue the stricken youngster, who was holding up traffic

Eventually, thanks to their persistent, loving efforts, the baby elephant eventually made it up to its feet and strolled off into the forest.

The whole thing was captured on video by the Kruger Sightings Channel on Youtube and has amassed nearly 15m views.

After several minutes of encouragement, the calf then manages to sit up and clambers up on to its feet

It is still unclear why the youth collapsed, but many have suggested that it may have simply been tired or just stumbled over.

Eventually the herd walk off, leaving the road clear for the waiting traffic to pass through the national park

Elephants live in a tight-knit, loving, matriarchal family, usually with more than ten members and often led by the eldest female in the group.



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