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Heartwarming Moment: Soldier’S Last Hug With His K-9 Partner

Sergeant Kyle Smith and his partner, a German Shepherd named Bodza, were introduced to each other during their time in the US Air Force. Since 2006, Bodza has been employed as a bomb detector, using his keen sense of smell to assist in the detection of explosive devices and ultimately saving human lives. Smith began working with Bodza in 2012, and the two swiftly developed a close bond.

Smith expressed their admiration for working alongside him, as he imparted valuable lessons such as cultivating patience as a young handler and recognizing that this profession extends beyond oneself, according to The Dodo.

Throughout their time together, the two of them completed numerous missions. When Bodza’s retirement day arrived, Sergeant Smith made the choice to adopt him. He mentioned that he brought him home on the same day.

Smith stated that he was even more loyal at home. He trailed behind me wherever I went. Every night, he would rest his head on the bed and bid me good night.”

Bodza’s retirement was a joyful period, until he received the diagnosis of degenerative myelopathy in the summer of 2016. This disease is incurable and affects a dog’s spinal cord.

According to Smith, his hind limbs became unusable and he could hardly stand up, let alone walk. He struggled to cope with the physical strain and going to the bathroom was difficult for him.

Smith found himself in a difficult situation that every pet owner dreads – having to euthanize Bodza. Kyle and a group of nine colleagues brought Bodza to the veterinary clinic located in El Paso, Texas, specifically at Fort Bliss. He was laid on a blanket and peacefully passed away in the embrace of his owner.

Smith said, “I held Bodza as he passed away.” There was a flurry of numerous things. It felt incredibly overpowering. Fortunately, his colleagues were present to provide him with support.

Smith stated that they allowed them to cry like an infant. They gave me a reassuring pat on the back, assuring me that everything would be okay. Upon receiving the news, my boss swiftly retrieved a flag, draping it over himself as a symbolic gesture. He kindly allowed me to have a final moment before departing.

In his final moments, Bodza appeared content as he traversed the rainbow. Smith remarked that he observed a smile on his face as he was being put to sleep.

Smith said that she would always remember his unwavering loyalty. He displayed an unparalleled level of selflessness, surpassing anyone I have ever encountered. He has accomplished a great deal for very little and did so with a cheerful attitude. Every day, I long for his presence.

I am extremely grateful, Bodza! May you find eternal peace.



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