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Heartbreaking images capture pride of lions ganging up to drown a 2,000-pound water buffalo

Heartbreaking images have captured a pride of lions ganging up and downing a 2,000-pound water buffalo in Kenya.

The pictures show the lions as they start to gang up on their kill, by sneaking up behind the huge beast.

The 15-strong pride of lions then appear to sink their sharp claws and teeth into the buffalo’s body in the Maasai Mara.

The black beast can be seen whimpering in pain as the lions start to attack their prey, who was alone at the time.

The pride were seen lounging in the shade some metres away from the buffalo, when they noticed the potential prey.

At first, two male lions got up to inspect the buffalo from afar. The pair then broke into a sprint towards the prey, which the lionesses followed.

The buffalo tried to flee the chasing lions but was quickly surrounded by the predators. It then lost its footing and appeared to effectively surrender to the 15 hungry lions.

This pride of lions are known for bringing down buffalos, according to photographer Murray Jacklin.

The lions can be seen working together as a unified fighting machine to bring down the buffalo, despite each only weighing less than a quarter of the prey’s 2,000-pounds.

Jacklin said the pride had brought down the lone buffalo ‘with very little effort’ by sinking their teeth into the beast’s hind quarters.

‘The buffalo almost sensed it was outgunned and never really offered much resistance’, Jacklin added.

After killing the buffalo in under five minutes, the hungry lions tore apart and devoured the feast in 24 hours.

Lions usually favour smaller prey, such as wildebeests, because they are easier to hunt, but when a pride is large enough, they are able to catch bigger meals, such as buffalo.

But, success is rare because the larger beasts are often heavier and stronger than the lions so are able to fight the predators off.

The heart-breaking photographs and footage were taken in the Maasai Mara National Park, Kenya, Africa, from 98-feet away.

Jacklin said: ‘Due to the size of the pride and number of strong males, it only took just a few minutes for the buffalo to be brought down – but it tried its best to fend off the multiple launches made by different pride members.

‘The whole pride literally clambered on top of the innocent buffalo and held it down whilst one of the lionesses began suffocating it, where the buffalo screamed in pain. Eventually, it gave up due to the sheer strength of its attackers.

‘Once the buffalo was pinned to the ground and suffocated by the nose, it took just five minutes for the buffalo to be killed. Despite the brutality of the lions, I got to witness nature in its rawest form and it was a privilege being able to capture these shots.

‘I have never witnessed such a brutal scene, but it was without a doubt one of the most extraordinary sightings I have seen in the African bush.’

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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