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Greatest Things To Do In Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Let’s discover the greatest Things To Do In Amersfoort, the Netherlands! This medieval city has everything for an amazing trip. Once you reach the Amersfoort station, you’ll be impressed by its magnificent beauty. Go to random coffeeshop Amersfoort to enjoy the air, and for a more erotic experience (of course, you’re of legal age), House of Dreams Amersfoort would be fun.

Amersfoort Station


Amersfoort Centraal is the major railroad station in Amersfoort, Utrecht. The station was once a crucial connection between the western, north, and east sides of the Netherlands.

There are trains that send you directly from Amersfoort Station to Amersfoort. It takes no more than an hour to reach there. The services here are comfortable and modern with WiFi freely available on most.

Tickets from Amersfoort Station to Amersfoort could be cheaper if you book beforehand. The price usually starts from €10.60.

Things To Do In Amersfoort

Vitsit Onze-Lieve Vrouwetoren


This Late Gothic-style church tower is more favored as the Church of Our Lady among the locals. Towering over the entirety of Amersfoort, this massive tower is 98 meters high. It is also the third-highest tower in the Netherlands.

Initially, Onze-Lieve Vrouwetoren had a connecting church. However, a gunpowder explosion in the 1900s had destroyed it. 

Around the tower’s outer are 12 statues that portray historical figures such as David of Burgundy and Saint George.

You have to pay for special tickets to climb the tower. But the ground base is available daily to visitors.

Admire Koppelpoort Gate


The Koppelpoort is a beautiful medieval gate. And it’s the best instance of a conjoined road gate and watergate in the Netherlands. The gate was part of the exterior city wall since 1427. The Koppelpoort was properly never breached.

So, let’s not skip this wonderful brick design. Come to admire one of the Dutch great works.

Take A Walk In Monnickendam


Sitting on the southern area of the major circular canal, this fortification creates an archway over the water. Along with that, it’s also a barrier that prevents people from approaching through the canals.

Monnickendam is one of the remnants of a fortress from the Middle Ages. It is a symbol of the wealth and power of Amersfoort. 

Take a walk over the fortification so that you can admire the surrounding parkland. By going on foot, you’ll have a chance to enjoy the waterways view from in-between the majestic towers as well.

Have A Sweet Taste At Coffee Corazon – Coffeeshop Amersfoort


This coffee shop is famous for its authentic home-baked goods. If you like it when there are a lot of apples on your apple pie, this place is perfect for you. A nice sandwich or a delicious croissant is truly a piece of cake here.

The atmosphere in Coffee Corazon is nice and calm. They have good coffee, great sweets, and of course, friendly staff. So, there is no reason to skip this place.

Kafe Van Zanten  – Coffeeshop Amersfoort


This is a local cafe with many kinds of beers. You can also have a simple treat on the terrace outside. The food is good and reasonable. There are board games such as Jenga or Uno. So, you can play with your friends while waiting for your meal. 

Kafe Van Zanten is a must-visit when in Amersfoort if you relax in an easygoing atmosphere.

Try Erotic Massage At The House Of Dreams Amersfoort


The House Of Dreams Amersfoort offers a combination of naughty, erotic massage services. All of them are done by mischievous ladies.

But remember that this is a private house and not a club. So, there is no bar or alcohol served. You don’t have to pay the entrance fee to get in.

You can reach this site by public transportation such as train, light rail, or bus. There are always routes and lines that stop nearby.

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