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Globally Best Bike-Friendly Cities: The Netherlands Has 3/5

Did you know that among the globally best bike-friendly cities: The Netherlands has 3/5. Quite interesting, isn’t it? Read our post to know the specific ranks of the country’s cities. 

Copenhagen, Denmark


When it comes to cycling, there is no surprise that Copenhagen rates first. Statistics show that, at the moment, this country even has more bicycles than cars.

In 2015, according to Copenhagenize Index, the government of the city invested heavily in the system of public roads for bicycles. The main feature is to create bike-only bridges.

Copenhagen is also attempting to apply bike riding times as the standard for traffic signals.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Best Bike-Friendly Cities


According to Amsterdam’s Cyclists Union, the country now has more than 18 million bicycles. In Amsterdam, the number of bicycles is much more than the number of residents.

For the new plan in 2022, the city aims to enhance bike parking and the current bike infrastructure. With about 11,000 new residents each year, Amsterdam is constructing new “royal paths” to adapt more bikes. 

The city’s government has used many ways in order to ease stress during peak hours. For example, they widened existing bicycle paths to over eight feet, built low-speed bicycle lanes, and redesigned main intersections to have more secure biking space.

Utrecht, The Netherlands


Utrecht ranked third in the Copenhagenize Index. This metropolis has the world’s most extensive underground bicycle park. This project costs $48 million, according to Dutch News.

This place is a three-story bike park that stores more than 12,000 bikes under Utrecht Central Station. Besides being the storage, the structure also contains a bike rent outlet and repair service. 

Politicians in this prosperous city pursue pedaling as a means of transport to the greatest potential. In this way, they prioritize cycling over driving, pursuing double bike using traffic by 2030.

Strasbourg, France – Best Bike-Friendly Cities


In accordance with Copenhagenize Index, Strasbourg has more than 300 miles of cycling pathways. The city also offers a bike-share system named Vélhop that provides long-term hires.

However, the main problem when it comes to expanding the cycling trails is that it’s underfunded and debatable. Politicians now ought to realize the significance of the bike and the required investments to improve pedaling across the city.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands


The metropolis of Eindhoven has gone a long way to become as biking-friendly as it is now.

In 2012, Eindhoven finally finished a floating traffic circle only for cyclists named the Hovenring. The Hovenring witnesses the commuting of hundred of cyclists per week.

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