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Famous Applied Sciences Universities In The Netherlands

Why you should choose applied sciences universities instead of the research ones? Read our list of famous applied sciences universities in the Netherlands to find out. We also have some suggestions for you to choose from.

Benefits Of Studying At Applied Sciences University


First of all, the educational system here focuses more on gaining hands-on knowledge. By that, you can put your academic knowledge into practice right away.

To get the objective above, they offer practical projects for you to do. You need 4 years to complete the study program as well as the required internship.

We have some renowned universities of applied sciences for you to consider. And if you know more, we are in our eyes.

Aeres University – Applied Sciences Universities In The Netherlands


Aeres University has more than 60 years of experience in education. The university has had an outstanding global reputation for about 25 years.

The university has three main faculties which are Almere, Wageningen, and Dronten. But, Wageningen does not have international programs at the time. The faculty in Dronten and Almere provide classes on many themes. For example, Agribusiness, Biology & Nature, Animal Husbandry, Horticulture, Entrepreneurship, Food, etc.

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences


Though AUAS is a young corps, it still grows up with a rich history. They have a mixed Executive Board with the University of Amsterdam (UvA). This close relationship is quite useful for research objectives. 

The university contains seven faculties with 92 Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Associate degree programs. They are one of the largest employers in terms of higher education. The Amsterdam campus has more than 4,000 staff. So, you don’t have to worry much about its student-helping service.

Avans University


After a merger of Hogeschool’s s-Hertogenbosch and Hogeschool Brabant in 2004, this university was established on the 1st of January.

Learning at Avans means obtaining state-of-the-art knowledge. You will learn how to apply academic knowledge in real-life projects or works as well. 

Breda University of Applied Sciences


This school used to be a federal scientific institute, containing a course program and a research department.

Breda University of Applied Sciences provides academic and professional both bachelor’s and master’s courses. For example, they have programs in Logistics, Games, Media, Tourism, Hotel, Facility, Leisure & Events, and Built Environment.

Offenburg University – Applied Sciences Universities In The Netherlands


The university started its business in 1964 as a “National School of Engineering”. It then quickly became a high-performance academic institution with a hands-on orientation. The University at the moment forms a growing community, with about 4,500 students on two campuses. 

They provide both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in 4 departments. The first is Media and Information. The second is Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. The others are Business and Industrial Engineering, and Mechanical and Process Engineering.

They also have English programs which are especially for international students.

Fontys University


In fact, Fontys is one of the biggest universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. It offers a wide range of bachelor’s and master’s programs in English. 

Fontys is a merger of Dutch Higher Education Institutes. Their locations are in the South of the Netherlands. Some of these academies were set in the early 1900s. So, it holds a long educational history.

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