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Excited South African giraffe immediately FACE PLANTS during a gallop for freedom as he’s released back into the wild

For this giraffe the excitement of moving into a new enclosure proved too much when the creature ran out of a trailer to explore and immediately fell over.

As the less-than-graceful creature ran out, its hooves missed the final part of the ramp and it fell to the ground, sending out a cloud of dust.

Their companion proved far more successful, galloping out of the trailer past its fallen friend and heading off towards some nearby trees.

As it attempts to pull itself up from the ground, the movement of the second giraffe knocks it off balance again and it falls back down.

The hilarious footage was filmed in South Africa near the Botswana border after the two giraffes were transported to their new home.

As the camera pans at the start of the clip, another man can be seen recording, presumably to capture the special moment they see their new surroundings.

The trailer begins to shake as if in anticipation as the creatures prepare to leave the vehicle.

The dust flicked by the giraffe’s hoof as it falls ends up back on the ramp, with the second giraffe ending up running through it sending more dust everywhere.

Fortunately, the giraffe escaped its embarrassing fall unharmed, pulling itself up within a few seconds.

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