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Easter In The Netherlands: What’s So Special?

The Netherlands also celebrates Easter like western countries. Easter can be celebrated very differently (or not at all) depending on where you are in the world. So, what’s special about the Dutch Easter holidays? What are the dates of Easter in the Netherlands in 2023? Let’s find out the answer!

Dutch Easter

Easter is celebrated in the Netherlands in the same way that it is in many other Western countries: there are chocolate eggs, big brunches, and even a day or two off work.

The holiday is observed on Good Friday (Goede Vrijdag), Easter Sunday (Eerste Paasdag), and Easter Monday, as it is elsewhere (Tweede Paasdag). However, there are some aspects of this holiday that the Dutch observe differently.

Easter Decorations Decorated Like On A Christmas Tree


Yes, Easter symbols and decorations are popular in many countries — but let’s just say the Dutch go above and beyond to let everyone know it’s Easter.

Shops, supermarkets, and tables are all decorated with what can only be described as an Easter Christmas tree. Willow branches are adorned with delicately painted, precariously hung eggshells and a variety of adorable mini bunnies, butterflies, and baby animals!

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Dutch Easter Cuisine


When it comes to baby animals, you’ll see them all over the Netherlands during Easter. No, not the real ones (although lambs may be an unfortunate exception to this). These animal babies are frequently miniature and edible. Imagine miniature bunnies made of chocolate, lambs made of butter, and chicks made of sugar.

While we’re on the subject of miniatures and food, in the Netherlands, students (the miniature) will frequently bring Easter breakfast boxes (the food) to school. Students pack a shoe box with breakfast ingredients and bring it to class with them. (Cuuuuuuteee, that won’t be at all messy.)

Easter Sunday In The Netherlands


Easter Sunday, or Eerste Paasdag in Dutch, usually consists of a tasty breakfast (Paasontbijt) or brunch (Paasbrunch) featuring the precarious Easter Christmas tree, assorted mini animals, and, of course, Paasbrood.

This tasty Easter bread has a strange resemblance to Kerstbrood (Christmas bread). Both have cinnamon, raisins, and almond paste inside, but the difference is in the details! Paasbrood is often topped with orange peel and almonds, whereas Kerstbrood is topped with icing sugar.

Easter Egg Hunts In The Netherlands

There’s also the all-important Easter egg hunt. However, ladies and gentlemen (especially expat parents), beware: there is NO EASTER BUNNY in the Netherlands.

It’s known as a Paashaas, or Easter Hare, in this country. Don’t worry. He still does his job and organizes a fun hunt for the kids.

Easter Monday In The Netherlands


Easter Monday, or Second Easter as it is known in the Netherlands, is a bank holiday.

As the kids eat their chocolate eggs and begin to bounce off the ceiling, parents can take a deep breath and know that they will have a day off after Easter Sunday unless their boss is a little dom.

In short, special things at Dutch Easter:

  • You’re probably going to have a day off
  • There’s going to be a lot of delicious food
  • For the love of God, it’s the Paashaas, not the Easter bunny.

Easter Dates In The Netherlands 2023

Good Friday: April 7

Easter Sunday (Eerste Paasdag): April 9

Easter Monday (Tweede Paasdag): April 10

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