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Don’t Miss 10 Precious Sightseeing When You Leave Melbourne

There’s a lot to like about Melbourne, which has long held the title of the World’s Most Livable City. While moving abroad may be appealing, you will quickly realize that other cities pale in comparison. From our God-sent coffee to the plethora of festivals and events, here are ten things you shouldn’t miss in Melbourne.

Festivals and Special Events


Melbourne hosts a plethora of world-class festivals and events all year. Melbournians are spoilt for choice when it comes to exhibitions, concerts, stage shows, community fundraisers, foodie festivals, and pop-up shops, and the best part is that many events are free.

Rooftop Bars


Melbourne’s rooftop bars, accessible via hidden elevators and dingy staircases, are considered some of the city’s trendiest nightlife spots and are a level above any bar you’ll find overseas. The memories of venues such as Naked in the Sky, Rooftop Bar, and Madame Brussels, which showcase Melbourne’s dazzling skyline, will have you yearning for Melbourne. The best visiting places in Melbourne.

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Real Coffee


Melbourne is addicted to coffee, but not just any cup of joe will do, and it should certainly not come from a chain brand. The coffee must be brewed by a professional barista, preferably one with a mustache, and consumed in an independent artsy café. Flat white, latte, espresso, and mocha are popular drinks.

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For many locals, going to the market is a treasured part of their routine because it allows them to interact with a diverse range of people while also getting a good deal. Due to the bargains, haggling, hawker cries, and hot jam donuts, many overlook the city’s numerous markets, including Queen Victoria Market, Rose St Market, and St Kilda Esplanade Market. This is one of the best sightseeing you shouldn’t miss in Melbourne.

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Public Transportation


Aside from Myki, Melbourne’s public transportation is relatively simple to use compared to other cities. You can travel anywhere on any mode of public transport as long as your Myki is charged. On a related note, if you move to a city without trams, you will miss them and their charming bells. This is one of the best sightseeing you shouldn’t miss in Melbourne.

Food Variety


Melbourne, a multicultural metropolis, is home to immigrants from over 200 countries, which means the food scene is a minestrone of ethnic flavors. Melbournians are accustomed to eating diverse cuisines, from authentic Italian food on Lygon Street to Vietnamese cuisine on Victoria Street.

Culture of Sports

Sports are deeply ingrained in our national identity, and nowhere is this more evident than in Melbourne, where public holidays are observed for the Melbourne Cup and the AFL Grand Final parade. There’s always a game going on, whether it’s cricket, soccer, or footy.



Melbourne, also known as the Garden State, has many parks and gardens ideal for escaping the hustle and bustle of city streets. Melbournians love to immerse themselves in greenery, from the hidden oasis that is the Royal Botanic Gardens to the historic Carlton Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens, and Alexandra Gardens. The best visiting places in Melbourne.

Architecture and Street Art


Melbourne exudes an effortlessly cool demeanor, which is complemented by a labyrinth of laneways that serve as urban canvases. The artsy inner suburbs are quirky without being overly so, and the city’s architectural oddities, such as Federation Square and Southbank’s Red Stair Amphitheatre, make for stylish places to live. This is one of the best sightseeing you shouldn’t miss in Melbourne.

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