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Discover A Slice Of History At This Upcountry Park In Hawaii

Skip those tourist attractions that draw big crowds, today, let’s discover a slice of history at this upcountry park in Hawaii.

Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Park – Park In Hawaii


This small park is high on Haleakala’s slopes. You can see it on your way to the winery on the island.

This upcountry in Maui is full of scenic views such as green hills, vibrant jacaranda trees, and lavender fields. But let’s not just stop there, go a little further and you will see a better view to enjoy – Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Park. 

For some people, Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Park is a perfect place when they want to take a break from hustle and bustle of the central city. They can have a picnic, or just simply enjoy the tranquility of Valley Isle here.  

This park also determines a little-known relationship between Maui and the 1911 Chinese Revolution.

A Slice Of The History Of The Park


People named the park after Dr. Sun Yat-Sen to honor his momentous creation and philosophies for the Chinese community. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen is the very first temporary president of the Republic of China at that time. He played an important role in bringing down the Qing Dynasty. Also, he had many contributions to the establishment of the Chinese Republic in 1912.

And before Sun Yat-Sen was a revolutionary leader, he was living and studied in Honolulu when he was a child.

Sun Yat-Sen was born in 1866 and his hometown is in the southern province of Guangdong in China. In 1871, his older sibling Sun Mei decided to relocate to Hawaii. Then, Sun Mei became a shopkeeper and a rice merchant in Oahu. He worked so hard to save money in order to bring his younger brother Sun Yat-Sen over to the Islands. 

Sun Yat-Sen finally went to ʻIolani School. He then attended Oahu College. And Honolulu is the place that brought Sun Yat-Sen closer to philosophies, constitutions, and cultures from around the globe. This fact allowed him to set the basis for his democratic ideology later.

As stated in the park’s plaques, Sun Mei finally resided in Maui in 1881. He ran the Kahului General Store and rented thousands of acres to set up the Sun Mei Ranch. 

In contrast, while Sun Mei started a new life in Maui, Sun Yat-Sen went back to China to continue pursuing his academic career. Eventually, Sun Yat-Sen became a doctor in Hong Kong. 

However, at that time, Sun Yat-Sen was intensely frustrated with the immoral regulation of the Qing dynasty. In consequence, he assembled a revolutionary group and conducted the first mutiny in Guangzhou. Unfortunately, it failed in 1895 and as a leader, Sun Yat-Sen was sent into banishment. He and his whole family went to Sun Mei’s place on Maui at last.

After the first failures, Sun Yat-Sen continued to organize uprisings in the years 1895 to 1911. His efforts eventually prevailed in 1911.

The Xinhai Revolution overthrew the immoral Qing Dynasty. Sun Yat-Sen and other revolutionaries founded the Republic of China, which is also the very first modern republic in Asia. 

Throughout the unsuccessful revolutions, Sun Mei had always been the greatest supporter of Sun Yat-Sen.

The Remaining Traces – Park In Hawaii


When visiting this park, you can see the statues that honor the great contribution of the two brothers, Sun Mei and Sun Yat-Sen. There are also sculptures of unique Chinese dragons.  

Despite the small size, the park extends over greenish hills and presents stunning sights of Wailea, Kihei, and nearby islands. It’s a peaceful spot to enjoy the freshness of Upcountry air. Moreover, you will have a chance to know a thing or two about history. It’s truly worth your time, right?

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