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9 Best Day Trips From Utrecht Less Than An Hour’s Away

There is undoubtedly enough to see and do in Utrecht alone, but if you want to stay longer, you might also want to explore some other locations and take a few day trips inside the nation. Take a look at these 9 incredible day trips from Utrecht!

1. Amsterdam


Utrecht would likely be your day trip destination from Amsterdam if you were visiting the Netherlands on vacation rather than the other way around. A day trip to the Dutch capital is obviously necessary even if that is not the case and you are staying in Utrecht for a longer period of time.

Only Amsterdam is truly unique. A lot of the city’s attractions are specific to Amsterdam, even if it features traditional Dutch canals, touristy cheese shops, and renowned coffee cafes. Visit any of the renowned museums, such as the Rijksmuseum, or check out one of the city’s distinctive eateries.

  • Train travel time from Utrecht Centraal to Amsterdam is 26 minutes.

2. Amersfoort


As Amersfoort is not the largest city and is just about 20 minutes from Utrecht, a day trip there would not be feasible; nevertheless, you can combine it with a journey to another city.

Amersfoort, though, is rather charming. You can explore Koppelpoort, a charming medieval gate, the Amersfoort market, or one of the town’s many cafés and adorable boutiques.

  • Train travel time from Utrecht Centraal to Amersfoort is 19 minutes.

3. Gouda


There is, of course, a cheese museum in Gouda, as you might anticipate. Gouda is not just a city for cheese lovers, but aside from that.

A magnificent market square with lovely structures and cafés can be found in Gouda. Of course, there are also many lovely bridges and canals to be found. Not that unusual for the Netherlands.

Although Gouda isn’t the largest city, and you might not need to spend the whole day there, it’s a great destination to visit for a few hours or to combine with a trip to another city.

  • Train travel time from Utrecht Centraal to Gouda is 18 minutes.

4. Rotterdam


It’s acceptable that Rotterdam isn’t your traditional Dutch metropolis. If everything was the same, it would be dull. Rotterdam might be fascinating for you if you enjoy architecture. Although Rotterdam isn’t immediately appealing to everyone, it does make for an intriguing day trip with loads of interesting locations to explore.

Cross the Erasmusbrug on foot, then get a drink or some food at the market hall in Witte de Withstraat.

  • Train travel time from Utrecht Centraal to Rotterdam is 37 minutes.

5. Den Haag


The Dutch government is located in Den Haag, which is just the third-largest city in the country. Of course, the city is recognized for more than just that. You can explore the city’s many intriguing museums, stroll through the downtown area, or head to the beach. Speaking of the beach, we will also talk about that later.

  • Train travel time from Utrecht Centraal to Den Haag is 37 minutes.

6. Delft


Delft ought to be on everyone’s must-see list of sites to see while in the Netherlands, but for some reason, it isn’t. It is in South Holland, near Rotterdam and Den Haag, and is well-known for its blue ceramics, which you can, of course, also buys in Delft.

The enormous main square, where the City Hall and numerous eateries are located, is the center of the city. Naturally, there are also canals, cheese shops, and markets.

  • Train travel takes 57 minutes from Utrecht Centraal to Delft.

7. Leiden


Leiden is a stunning city that is only a short drive from Utrecht. On a sunny day, the canals are a little larger, and the city appears a little less crowded than Utrecht. A typical Dutch city, complete with canals, boats, and restaurants. nevertheless, it’s extremely lovely and well worth a visit.

  • Train travel from Utrecht Centraal to Leiden takes 42 minutes.

8. The Zaanse Schans


A major tourist site is the Zaandam neighborhood of Zaanse Schans. The traditional Dutch windmills along the river, adorable green buildings, some animals and nature, as well as a few museums, may all be found here. You won’t realize that the bustling streets of Amsterdam are so close to Zaanse Schans unless you come.

  • Train travel time from Utrecht Centraal to Zaandam is 43 minutes.

9. Haarlem


If you’re seeking a location that is similar to Amsterdam but a little less busy, a day trip to Haarlem can be a fantastic idea. Spend the day exploring the central market square and taking a stroll along the Spaarne River (Grote Markt).

Due to their proximity to one another, Zaanse Schans, Zaandam, and Zandvoort can all be visited in addition to Haarlem if you don’t want to spend the entire day there. But most locations in the Netherlands operate in that manner.

  • Train travel time from Utrecht Centraal to Haarlem is 47 minutes.
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