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Dad is NOT in the mood to play! Grumpy lion roars as cheeky cub annoys him

Most kids enjoy winding up their dads – but you have to be careful when he’s a ferocious lion.

These cheeky cubs tested their dad’s patience to the limit when they played with his tail as he tried to snooze in the sun.

The magnificent predator let rip with an almighty roar to warn the cubs enough is enough.

But the cheeky little lions weren’t put off and kept coming back to play with his tail.

Eventually he gave up and wandered off to find some peace and quiet somewhere else.

The funny scene was caught on camera by German photographer Ingo Gerlach, 66, during a trip to the Masai Mara National Reserve, in Kenya.

He said: ‘There were three females and about eight children. They were maybe six weeks old.

‘Some time later we also saw the male lion. He was the only inactive one of the lion family. He dozed at the edge of a bush and had no desire at all to take care of the family.

‘At one point the cheeky lion cubs discovered the bushy tail of their dad. They played with it for a short time before the dad threatened his offspring with licked teeth.

‘This succeeded also for perhaps five seconds, then the lion babies wanted to play further with the end of the tail which was very bushy.

‘The offspring were stubborn though and they continued to annoy their dad until he threatened the little ones.

‘The quarrel went on for half an hour before the lion moved to a nearby bush.

‘I had a lot of fun capturing this funny scene with my camera.

‘With my numerous journeys into the Masai Mara I had never been able to photograph such a thing.’

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