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Cool And Fun Facts About New Zealand

How much do you know about cool and fun facts about New Zealand? This list will absolutely reveal to you more. So, don’t miss out but check it out.

National Resources Account For About 30 Percent Of The Nation


New Zealanders do cherish its natural geographies. The tallest mountain in this country is Mount Cook. Its surrounding timbers are well-protected as always. You can go there to take a day expedition, but bypass littering as much as you can.

If you favor a water soothing place, you can go explore Milford Sound. A yacht journey will allow you to catch aboriginal penguins, dolphins, and whales.

New Zealand Pioneered Women’s Voting – Facts About New Zealand


New Zealand females managed to achieve the right to vote Throughout the 19th century. In many years of the 1890s, they sent requisitions via Parliament requesting that legislators give them the voting box. 

On the 19 of September 1893, the New Zealand government approved the Electoral Act. It meant that women had women the power to vote in congressional elections. At that time, New Zealand was the first globally to do so, defeating the United States by over 20 years. 

Females have contributed a crucial part to politics ever since. In 2006, they held almost all of the nation’s highest positions at once. This was the foremost and only period in the world’s history when the situation took place. 

New Zealand Has A Hill With Longest Name Worldwide


The name of the hill is Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu. Looks ridiculous, right? But it’s the real name and it exists.

The location of the hill is near Poranghau and along the shore in the southeast of New Zealand. It’s just about 1,000 feet tall but it hows a comforting sight of the countryside.

Kiwi Has Many Definitions – Facts About New Zealand


What do you mean? Kiwi is just a kind of fruit and that’s it. Your thought is right until you read our text.

In fact, there are three distinguished meanings for this word, consisting of the fruit, of course. In New Zealand, when they call “Kiwi” it means they are calling for a resident. 

Another definition of this word is a kind of flightless bird. You can easily find them anywhere in this country. The big plots of ground are their favorite habitats. For your information, it’s this bird that inspires the locals with the nickname “Kiwi”.

A truly fun fact: It’s China where the kiwi fruit comes from, not New Zealand.

The Best Southerly Capital Globally – Wellington


Although it’s on the North Island, it’s still the southernmost metropolis of a liberated country. Wellington has a gentle temperature regardless of its site. Its moderate atmosphere never falls below cold, and in summer, the temperature can get to the 60s and 70s.

You can find a ton of outstanding locations to see in Wellington. So, try spending some time here. Galleries and libraries offer great chances to learn fascinating truths about New Zealand. 

They Have Three National Languages – Facts About New Zealand


New Zealand admits English, Maori, and Sign Language as its three authorized languages. 

About 150,000 people can carry out daily chats in Maori, consisting of a big proportion of Maori grown-ups. This language has become more and more widespread in current times. Some music bands even released songs in Maori that earned nationwide airplay. 

More than 20,000 nationals understand New Zealand Sign Language. It is kind of equivalent to the Sign Language of British. It also shares many signs with the Americans Sign. After many years of activism, it then became a nationwide language in 2006. 

Every Citizen Has Five Sheep 


One of the top industries in New Zealand is livestock. Just in 2019, this country had about 37.8 million livestock overall. That statistic contains 26.8 million sheep. And it’s just less than five million residents stayed in New Zealand at that time. It means that every people here have approximately five sheep.

This nation is home to many other kinds of animals, not just sheep as it seems. For example, there are birds and bats, and the above mention – kiwi. 

Fun fact: Only 5% of New Zealand inhabitants are human. The rest is animals and natural landscapes of every kind.

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