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Camping In The Netherlands: 6 Best Spots For Nature Lovers

Concrete streets, parking lots, gridlock, train commutes, and the same old office day as yesterday. But just as physically quick travel appears absurd, the next holiday seems to be light-years away. There are many options for natural beauty in the Netherlands. One of these is camping in the Netherlands. Here are the six best natural campsites in the Netherlands.

Why Should You Camp In The Netherlands?

  • Explore The Netherlands: Camping is one of the best ways to explore the natural beauty of the Netherlands. Enjoy the fresh air and see spectacular landscapes that will bring the best Dutch trip to you.
  • Reduce your stress by leaving your overbooked schedule at home. When you go camping, there is nowhere you have to be at a specific time, and nothing is trying to get your attention or interrupting you. Relaxation and stress reduction, unlike everywhere else, are the natural outcomes of this type of environment.
  • You might not be aware of how rare fresh air is in your daily life. When you go camping, you experience both the wonderful scents of nature and the aroma of food.
  • Great cuisine: When food is made outside, it simply tastes better. There is something special about preparing food on a campfire, a grill, or in the kitchen of a Deluxe Cabin that cannot be matched while eating at home. Furthermore, nothing tops s’mores cooked over an open flame. Before leaving on your subsequent camping excursion, set high goals and create fantastic food.
  • Connection to nature: Camping gives you the ability to reconnect with the outdoors, view wildlife, and experience the night sky without the glaring city lights. Nothing else compares to it. When you discover the various advantages of camping, make sure you and your family get the chance to be in touch with nature.
  • Family connections: Going camping is good for kids and their families since it can develop ties between siblings, parents, and kids, among other family units. You’ll all feel a lot more united as a group when you get home.

The Best Time To Camping In The Netherlands

Camping is generally best activity in the spring. In a region where sunshine is never assured, the campgrounds are less busy than they are in the summer. If you’re lucky, you could enjoy a long day of sunshine.

Camping In The Netherlands: Best Spots For Nature Lovers

Het Veerse Gat, Zeeland


Our favorite place to camp in the Netherlands is, without a doubt, Het Veerse Gat. It is situated in Zeeland along the Veerse Bos’s waterways. You can park your car and walk to the entrance after driving down a short, winding sand road to get there. Normally, in these wild campsites, you can’t park your car next to a tent.

The lovely walking areas in this area really make it enjoyable! Tourists can reach the nearby seaside and sizable woodland by bicycle. For individuals who like to cycle around historic cities, Veere and Middelburg are also nearby.

Kleine Camping Frankrijk, Noord Brabant


This location is perfect for a weekend getaway or a longer stay, and the pleasant keepers keep it in immaculate condition. Kleine Camping Frankrijk is a terrific location for swimming and forest hiking, both of which are accessible in five minutes.

De Cokse Heide, Noord Limburg, Gelderland


This campground can be found in the center of Maasduinen National Park. On a sand hill between Maas and the German border is a woodland. The campground itself offers a variety of locations, from cozy nooks among the plants and trees to hillsides. Long bike rides and walks along the Maasduinen, which has a hint of a tropical atmosphere, are also quite pleasant.

Dasselaar, Flevoland


This campground, which is a component of the Staatsbosbeheer, is situated in Flevoland, the country’s newest province. Mountain bikers, cyclists, and hikers all like this area. The campground is cozy and provides locations under apple and nut trees.

You may quickly and simply get to the Horsterworld forest, which includes a wide range of trees and flora. If you like to walk, this area is well-known for its wonderful hiking routes that wind through the forest.

West Terschelling, Friesland


This tiny campsite is located on the island of Terschelling. West Terschelling is close to the harbor and has wonderful open fields. Due to the nearly 70 kilometers of bicycle trails in this area, biking is very popular. The beaches are also renowned for their expansiveness.

Be informed that West Terschelling is a really well-liked vacation spot. If you want to go away from the crowds or party camping on the island, the Green Book will be even more helpful in this situation.

Landgoed Mariahoeve, Drenthe


This campground offers lovely private places for a quiet time away from everyone. Landgoed Mariahoeve is situated in the center of De Hondsrug UNESCO Global Geopark.

Landgoed Mariahoeve gives the option to find a pipowagen (caravan) or stay in a fully furnished safari tent for people who are unfamiliar with camping or who are not yet equipped (not that you need much). The Hondsrug and its environs make up the sole geopark in the Netherlands.

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