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Call yourselves kings of the jungle? Mongoose takes on FOUR lions… and wins

They are known as being among the most dangerous predators in the world, but these four lions were left with their tails between their legs after they were brought down a peg or two by a brave mongoose.

Despite being much smaller than its four challengers, the aggressive mongoose growled at the big cats and even bit one of them on the nose.

Photographer Jerome Guillaumot came across the scene in the Masaa Mara National Park, in Kenya, after spotting the four young lions surrounding the terrified marsh mongoose.

It soon became apparent however that the carnivore, while being less than 2ft tall, could handle itself as it avoided each attack by dodging and growling at the lions.

The mongoose finally managed to escape from the predators into a nearby hole, but remarkably re-emerged to re-engage the confused cats.

Mr Guillaumot, 54, from Montpellier, in France, said: ‘She was watching out for the lions that were still around.

‘Then against all odds, she ran out of her hiding place and the fight resumed. Why did she take this risk? Impossible to know.

‘But she was still fighting fiercely. In some way, the confrontation changed. The lions seemed confused, uncertain what to do.’

After bewildering the lions further, the mongoose made its final escape into a covered area unscathed and the predators were left to lick their wounds.

Mr Guillaumot said: ‘Of course, I was sure at this time that the mongoose would not escape this fight.

‘The most extraordinary part of this sequence is the fierce defence of the mongoose and how its determination made it possible for it to face its opponents and eventually escape.’

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