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Caber Toss, All About The Most Challenging Scottish Highland Games

The Scottish Highland Games are an important part of Scotland’s rich history. Every spring and summer, locations throughout Scotland commemorate this historic cultural occasion. Every game puts competitors’ strength and stamina to the test. The Caber Toss is the most impressive and demanding of these.

All things about Caber Toss game

The History of Caber Toss

The first documented Highland Games took place between 1031 and 1093, when King Malcolm III attempted to select a royal messenger. This person should be the fastest in Scotland, which is why the competition was so popular.
There are many stories about when the caber toss was invented. The first documented event of caber toss as a discipline occurred in the 16th century, specifically in 1574. It wasn’t just about strength, but also about accuracy, which is still the most important aspect of caber throwers today.


How to properly execute caber tossing technique

  • First, make sure you have enough strength to lift and hold the caber. After that, pivot it with your clasped hands at the bottom. Remember to raise the caber vertically and avoid tiling it. You should ideally have a partner who can assist you in making the caber stand straight.
  • Second, begin running a short distance until you reach the required point. This is where your endurance comes into play.
tossing-a-caber-technique-highland games
  • Then, using your hips and legs, drive up the caber with your hands before releasing it into the air.
  • Lastly, the caber should perform a straight flip with its larger end as close to the ground as possible. People call this “12 o’clock position”.

Judges will look at how accurately the caber was tossed as well as how accurately it was landed, which will affect the final result of the caber tossers.

Two common missteps: Timing and Pulling

Professionals generally recommend that you pull as soon as the caber leaves your shoulder. Also, while running, throw the shoulder forward before the caber leaves the shoulder. It should accelerate the caber’s top, allowing it to rotate and fall faster.


Pull the caber upward rather than away from you. The most common mistake is to stop your hands too soon, around the chest level. To achieve a better result, you should push hard and fast without stopping your hands. Also, if you can hop while caber tossing, your chances of success increase significantly.

Some interesting Caber Toss facts

  • Caber tossing is more than just a Scottish festival of strength. It is widely observed and celebrated in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States of America. Find out the most popular sports in Canada.
  • The caber, made of Larch tree wood, is typically soaked in water before the competition to add weight.
  • The caber toss was so popular in Arkansas in 1927 that many people tried to obtain a caber for themselves. Some even stole telephone poles, rendering some parts of the state unable to communicate with the outside world.
  • Anyone competing in the Highland Games should wear a kilt, which is a traditional Scottish men’s skirt.
  • Despite the fact that the majority of caber tossers are men, athletic women have also had significant success in popularizing caber tossing.

Another famous Scottish Highland Games

The Scottish Highland Games are also well-known for their distinctive sporting and athletic events, many of which involve throwing and lifting. Some of the traditions and characteristics of Highland games include:

  • The Hammer Throw is an Olympic track and field event that involves throwing a heavy weight attached to the end of a wire for distance.
  • Shot Put – Competitors throw a large stone weighing between 20 and 26 pounds as far as they can.
  • Tug O’ War pits eight men against another eight-man team.
  • Weight Over The Bar – competitors in this game must throw a weight over a raised bar.
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