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Binnenhof Den Haag: Best Spot To Explore Dutch History And Architecture

Throughout history, Binnenhof Den Haag has been the epicenter of Dutch politics. All political and state topics were and continue to be debated here. The structures of Het Binnenhof, as well as its rich history, make a visit worthwhile.

Binnenhof Den Haag: A Perfect Place For Those Who Love Dutch History And Architecture


The Binnenhof Parliament Building is a sumptuous, enormous palace complex in the heart of The Hague, near the peaceful, romantic Hofvijver lake. Construction on this location began in the 13th century. It is still one of the most beautiful sites in the Netherlands.

The Binnenhof is a building complex in The Hague’s city center, near the Hofvijver lake. It houses the meeting site of both houses of the Netherlands’ States General, as well as the Ministry of General Affairs and the Prime Minister’s office. The Gothic fortress, which was principally built in the 13th century, served as the residence of the counts of Holland before becoming the political center of the Dutch Republic in 1584. It is one of the top 100 heritage sites in the Netherlands. The Binnenhof is one of the world’s oldest Parliament buildings currently in operation.

The Binnenhof Parliament Building is currently open to the public. As a result, it becomes an equally appealing tourist destination.

History of Binnenhof Den Haag

Little is known about the Binnenhof’s origins. For a short time, the counts of Holland lived in the Binnenhof.

Under French occupation, the administrative center of the Netherlands was relocated to Amsterdam between 1806 and 1810, rendering the Binnenhof obsolete and subject to demolition. However, after the Netherlands obtained independence from France, the government relocated back to the Binnenhof. The building’s survival was threatened a second time in 1848 when a new constitution established a system of parliamentary democracy, and the States General desired to symbolically demolish the old government buildings and construct a new complex. Local citizens, on the other hand, cared more about the building’s historic importance and successfully resisted its demolition.

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Enter the Binnenhof courtyard


Step through the Building’s renowned gate to visit a site steeped in the history of Dutch democracy. It should be noted that this location was formerly the site of significant events, treaties, and signatures relating to Dutch democratic independence at the time.

A magnificent statue of King William II on horseback dating from the 1600s stands near the main Stadtholder gate. Step inside, and you may walk around the common courtyard’s new Gothic fountain. This is the building’s focal point. The main square is adorned by a Neogothic gilded fountain. The Office of the Prime Minister, as well as the upper and lower houses of the Netherlands, are perfectly located inside the grounds of this site.

Going-around guide

Its higher residences are located on the Binnenhof’s western side, overlooking Lake Hofvijver. Meanwhile, the Houses of Parliament are located on Binnenhof’s south side. These structures are getting increasingly sophisticated and stylish. The Treeveszaal conference rooms are located to the northwest. The location of the historic Dutch discussions lasted 80 years. It is now used as a meeting space.

Ridderzaal: The most eye-catching part of the Binnenhof 


Visitors to the Binnenhof Parliament Edifice will be charmed by the central building of the Ridderzaal (Knights’ Hall), which was formerly a ballroom. Ridderzaal building with two tall towers flanking a pointed roof. The Ridderzaal is where the Dutch monarchs deliver their annual addresses on Prinsjesdag, the third Tuesday of September.

Visitors must join one of the daily tours to enter the building, which includes a brief video about the history of the Binnenhof, followed by a visit to the Ridderzaal palace. Some tours even allow travelers to visit both the Senate and the House of Representatives on specific dates. It is recommended that visitors sign up for the tour in advance.

Tour of the Binnenhof Den Haag

Binnenhof is centrally located in The Hague and is served by trams on a regular basis. The courtyard is constantly open to tourists, except when the palace is closed for special occasions. On Sundays, there are paid English-language guided tours. There is also an English audio tutorial and documentation.

The best time to visit


Tours are accessible all year, but due to political meetings, you may not be able to tour all of the rooms of Binnenhof. You should go to Het Binnenhof on the third Tuesday of September when lawmakers and members of the Royal Family come to present the budget for the next year.

Here is everything you need to know before exploring Binnenhof Den Haag. So, come here immediately to begin your fantastic journey! Please share your thoughts by posting a comment below!

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