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Bear cub caught trying to cross Canada-USA border with “no travel documents”

This week, a young bear cub was caught at the Canada-USA border after attempting to enter with “no travel documents,” according to authorities.

The Canada Border Services Agency stated in a joking Facebook post that the female black bear approached the Hyder-Stewart border crossing in northern British Columbia and “sought entry for essential reasons.”


The CBSA reported that “our officers moved swiftly to apprehend and transfer it to the Smithers’ Northern Lights Wildlife Society” following the animal’s forceful attempt to cross the border.

The animal rescue’s Angelika Langen told CTV News that they had been tracking the bear for about a month in the hopes of assisting her in making it through the winter.

Volunteers decided to give the bear the name Annie in honor of Little Orphan Annie because the wandering cub had lost her mother.


Annie was severely underweight and unprepared for hibernation, Langen said, adding that it was “believed the mother was killed in a car accident.” She should have weighed around 50 pounds, but she only weighed about 21.

On the plus side, the cub’s ravenous condition made capturing her at the border simple.

Annie declared that she had had enough of this life and returned to our house shortly after Langen set the trap with food, according to Langen.

Keeping Annie over the winter and releasing her in the early summer, when sows typically kick their cubs out to start fending for themselves, is the plan of Northern Lights Wildlife Society, which is currently caring for 33 black bears and three grizzly bear cubs.


They are genetically prepared to find their home because we release them all at once, according to Langen.

The B.C. Conservation Officer Service is asking people to report sightings of young cubs that appear to have been abandoned, which means they have been observed on their own several times.

Although the Canada Border Services Agency declined a request for comment, it took advantage of the unusual incident to remind travelers about the kinds of identification that are typically needed at border crossings.

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