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Baldwin Street: Home to the steepest street in the world.

Baldwin Street, also known as the world’s steepest street and recognized by the Guinness is among the most bizarre tourist attractions you could find in Dunedin, New Zealand. Believe me, this blog is all it takes to grasp everything about his spot.

Guide to Baldwin street in New Zealand


Due to the extreme incline, merely traveling 350 meters takes around 10 minutes. At its steepest, the slope is around 1:2.86 (35%), which means that for every 2.86 meters moved horizontally, one meter would be gained in elevation. It certainly seems like it would be a wall if there were any steeper streets.

The reason for the inclination of the street of Dunedin.

Baldwin’s exceptionally steep road is the result of a few London architects’ unrealistic plans, which ignored the topographical variances and other unique features of the chosen location. The roads were not lowered from their exceptionally high grades, but rather left at is. Consequently, Baldwin Street’s inclination is now famous and recognized as the world’s steepest street, according to the Guinness World Records.

Is it still the steepest one?


Baldwin Street held the distinction of the world’s steepest street for nearly a decade until briefly losing it in June 2019. Ffordd Pen Llech, located in Harlech, Wales, was officially recognized as the world record holder. However, Baldwin Roadway’s representatives disputed the decision, claiming that the it was measured incorrectly. Based on the latest data, the gradient of Baldwin is 34.8%, whereas that of Ffordd Pen Llech is just 28.6%. Therefore, after a lengthy review, Baldwin Street was given back its title in April of 2020.

Best things to do on Baldwin Street

A Walk to the top of the street


The thrill of the hike isn’t in the climb itself, though. It’s a good idea to snap some fun and entertaining shots of such oddly angled houses and trees while you’re moving up to the top. Also, taking images of optical illusions on this Dunedin street is another great way to wow your friends.

Street Gutbuster challenge


The city really knows how to make full use of the slope’s reputation by holding a number of quirky events. Notably, Baldwin Street Gutbuster challenges athletes from all levels to race to the top and back down again. If you ever participate, just take it at your own pace and enjoy this unusual activity here.

Cadbury Jaffa Race


The street is also the venue for its iconic Cadbury Jaffa Race which was held annually since 2002. Well, It doesn’t take much effort to participate, as this is the race for spherical sweet Jaffas to roll from top to bottom in Bal. Each candy ball is given its own pasted number before the game begins so that they can be distinguished from one another. The fastest jaffa roll down the street will win over this prize.

While tourism in Dunedin Street has plenty to offer, the weird sights and quirky events will go beyond your expectations. Here are some suggestions for a wonderful time in New Zealand.

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