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Aww mum, let me go! Adorable lion cub struggles to get out from under his over-protective mother

A lioness stands stock still, eyes scanning the plains for sight of a kill – but while she’s on the lookout for food, all her young cub wants to do is play.

The adorable images show the youngster wriggling to and fro while wedged between its mother’s front legs, desperately trying to get her attention.

But she barely moves a muscle, despite the cub burying its head in her fur and appearing to cry out in pleading.

Her child also paws at her front leg, but the over-protective mother is having none of its hijinks.

The heart-warming shots were taken by UK-based wildlife photographer Margot Raggett in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve.

She said: “On this particular day the pride of lions, known as the Rekero Pride, were hungry and the lionesses were on the lookout for something to hunt – whereas the cubs were more in the mood to play.

‘I loved the way this little one got between its mother’s legs, clearly trying to get her attention and how she totally ignored it.

‘The more it wiggled the more she played it cool.’


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