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Auckland’s Sky Tower: All You Need To Know Before Visiting

The observation and communications tower in Auckland is called Sky Tower. It may be found in the Auckland CBD at the intersection of Victoria and Federal streets. It has become a famous landmark due to its unusual height and structure. Many activities are possible in and around this area. To learn more about it, keep reading.

1. Auckland’s Sky Tower

Sky Tower is a piece of the Sky City Casino and is owned by Harrah’s Entertainment. Gordon was responsible for the initial architecture and design of Sky Tower. He and Fletcher Construction worked really well together to get this project finished. The project took four years to complete, beginning in 1994 and ending in 1997. The tower’s structure today is very different from what it was in the past.


Subsequently, the metallic idea was dropped or eliminated. To make the polish appear smooth, a concrete shaft with a smooth surface was chosen. Its construction cost a total of NZ$ 69 million, making it the largest project at the time. These are some details about Auckland’s Sky Tower:

  • This is the tallest free-standing fixture in the southern hemisphere. The most well-known landmark in Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand, is also this one.
  • Two restaurants and a café can be found in the upper part of the tower. The only rotating restaurant in New Zealand is part of this artwork.
  • The tower also houses a buffet in the Brasserie style.
  • The tower was utilized for the fast-forward in the 13th season of The Amazing Race.

2. When To Visit Sky Tower

Early winter and the beginning of summer are the finest times of year to visit Auckland’s Sky Tower. The best time to go here is from November through April. The visiting hours are 8:30 AM – 10:30 PM, Sunday through Thursday, throughout these months. Till 10 PM, entries are still being accepted.


May through October are the following months to visit this location. The visitation hours are established from Sunday through Thursday from 9 AM to 10:00 PM throughout these months. Till 9:30 PM, entries are still being accepted.

3. How can I get to Auckland’s Sky Tower?


By Air: It takes 45 minutes to get to Auckland Airport by bus, car, or taxi. Due to its great accessibility, you may get to the airport in 50 to 55 minutes using any type of road transportation. Taxis are readily available outside the domestic and international airports, making transportation by cab simple.

Train: Britomart: The central bus and train stations in Auckland are just a short 10-minute walk away. Being within a 10-minute walk from the intercity bus stop is quite helpful.

By Road: The most convenient and effective way to get through Auckland is by bus with Link. Link bus services can be used to obtain more details on the CityLink, InnerLink, and Outer Link buses.

4. Activities Near Sky Tower in Auckland

SkyCity in Auckland i-SITE Tourist Information Center

There are many things to do there that cost very little. Rental cars, boat rides, lodging, sightseeing tours, and transportation are just a few of the things this place has to offer, all at reasonable pricing. This is a really appealing proposition for time travelers of all kinds!

SkyWalk and SkyJump


Nothing is in one’s hand, and there is no railing. Only the thin air and the metropolis 192 meters below can be felt here. Your memory will always remember this thrilling challenge. We advise you to take SkyWalk the Lidge for a great New Zealand trip, the 360° panoramic views of Auckland, and unforgettable recollections!

Casino Sky City


Two casinos, bars, restaurants, a hotel, a theater, and the 1,000-foot-tall Sky Tower, the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere, are all part of this expansive complex. The tallest tower provides breathtaking views and bungee leaping. Here, you can play table games including Blackjack, Baccarat, Jai Sai, and roulette, among others.

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