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Amazing pictures show a 50-year-old elephant with huge tusks weighing 100 lbs.

An gigantic 50 year-old elephant was photographed happily roaming the Kenya jungle in his final years, while a Maasai Warrior was also observed keeping the gentle behemoth under constant supervision to prevent thieves from his 100-pound tusks.

The elderly elephant was photographed dusting himself off to cool up as he trudged through the foliage in his native Kenya’s Amboseli National Park.

The breathtaking images were captured by professional photographer Clint Ralph, 59, who stated the half-century-old bull’s name is Craig.

‘He’s fifty this year, with each tusk weighing roughly 100lb (50kg),’ Clint explained.

‘He has Masai Warriors who protect him from afar 24 hours a day to keep him from being pursued or poached.’

Raig’s tusks weigh more than 100lb each, making him one among just 20’super tuskers’ believed to be living today.

The elephant is constantly guarded by Maasai Warriors to prevent poachers hunting him for his enormous tusks

In 1972, the African Savanna Elephant, also known as the African Bush Elelphant, was born.

Savanna elephants can live for up to 70 years, outliving all other mammals save humans.

Craig's tusks are thought to weigh around 100lb (50kg), making them some of the largest in the world

‘I always attempt to add something unique to the sea of photographs available around the world.’ ‘I admire the originality of both the photograph and the subject,’ Clint stated.

‘My buddies and I sat with him for a while, studying his motions.’ We eventually figured out his route and positioned the truck in front of him, thinking he would walk by us. He did.’

African Savannah Elephants grow to be up to 13-feet-tall and weigh up to seven tonnes

Clint followed Craig through the park, photographing him using a Canon R5 mirrorless camera.

‘I traveled to Kenya particularly to photograph Craig in his golden years,’ Clint explained.

‘Being so close to such a legend in our time was emotional.’

‘I consider myself really fortunate and privileged to have met Craig and spent such meaningful time with him.’

Elephant carefully climbs over a 5-foot wall to try to steal mangoes from a tree at a safari lodge

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