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11 Amazing Hot Springs In BC That Will Warm Your Cold Winter

Even though Banff and Alberta hot springs are frequently mentioned when tourists inquire about the Canadian Rockies, British Columbia is the superior hot springs destination! So much so that we compiled this list of the top natural and resorted hot springs in BC! Perfect for unwinding, soothing aching muscles, and taking in the sweet tranquility of nature.

1. Why should you soak in hot pools in winter?

When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing quite like taking a long bath in a body of water that’s been kept at a comfortable temperature. Do some research on the natural hot springs in the area, and then plan a day trip to visit one of them.

It is believed to stimulate blood flow and deliver bright skin at your fingertips, which is a bonus to the fact that it is calming. If you are unable to locate a natural hot spring, the next best option would be to discover a nearby spa that has an outdoor hot tub.

2. Best Hot Springs In BC

Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort in BC

3609 Balfour-Kaslo-Galena Bay Highway, Ainsworth$18 for an adult day passLook around the on-site gift shop, where you may buy a variety of bikinis and trinkets

At Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort, you may enjoy hot springs in a pool and a cave in addition to the natural hot springs you’ve probably heard about. People have flocked to these springs for hundreds of years because they overlook Kootenay Lake and are surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

While the water in the pool is only about 96°F, the reviving mineral waters in the caves can reach a temperature of 107°F.

Liard River Provincial Park

75100-81198 Alaska Highway, Northern Rockies$5 per adultTo reach the pools, you must travel on a boardwalk through a swamp and a boreal forest. Keep an eye out for moose and other creatures that are frequently spotted there because this area is filled with nature

Liard River’s hot spring The second-largest provincial park in Canada, Hot Springs is renowned for its pure natural settings, which include a thick forest. The spring accessible to the general public is called Alpha Pool, and its hot thermal waters can reach 126°F.

Lussier Hot Springs

Whiteswan Provincial Park, East KootenayFreeThere are change rooms and toilets located in the parking lot about five minutes away from the springs

Beautiful Cranbrook is home to the unspoiled, all-natural Lussier Hot Springs. This is one of the most picturesque hot spring places in the province. It has four natural pools with soothing temperatures that range from 94 to 47 degrees Fahrenheit on average.

There isn’t a cool pool, although the Lussier River’s chilly waters are nearby. Normally, this website is accessible all year long.

Ram Creek Hot Springs

After traveling 4 miles southeast on BC-93, turn left onto Whiteswan Lake FSR. Once you reach the Lussier River FSR, continue driving for another 13 miles. After five more miles on this road, turn right and continue driving for another 4.5 miles.FreeJune to October is the ideal time to travel to this far-off location.

If you’re looking for an adventure, the hike to the remote, natural hot springs at Ram Creek Hot Springs will do the trick. The three little pools that constitute the payoff for the seven-mile journey to get there are the most naturally occurring hot springs.

These hot springs might be a little off-the-beaten-track and challenging to get to, but it will be worthwhile after you relax in one of the pools and take in the breathtaking environment.

Radium Hot Springs: You can’t miss this place in BC

5420 Highway 93, Radium Hot Springs$8 per adultAfter spending a pleasant day at the springs, visit Radium Springs to find a variety of cafes, restaurants, and stores

Unquestionably, one of the most popular hot spring resorts in British Columbia is Radium Hot Springs. Thermal pools with pure, unadulterated mineral water are available at this location, administered by Parks Canada. There is also a sizable, cold pool with slides and diving boards.

If you’re searching for something extra to do while visiting Banff, think about adding Radium to your itinerary because it’s not too far from Lake Louise.

Canyon Hot Springs

22 miles east of Revelstoke off Trans Canada Highway 1 in Albert Canyon$14.50 for one adult swim. A day’s admission for adults costs $20.50This site offers a range of lodging options, including a campground, RV park, cottages, and a mountain lodge

Canyon Hot Springs is the ideal location to unwind after a busy day of sightseeing. You will have access to two hot mineral pools at this location, with temperatures ranging from 86°F to 104°F.

Three miles out in the secluded Albert Canyon is where these springs get their water.

Halcyon Hot Springs Resort in BC

5655 BC-23, Nakusp$30 for each adultEat something at the hotel’s restaurant before continuing to your next location, or stay the night and have access to the spa

It had three magnificent hot spring pools with strong waters, a waterfront setting, and stunning mountain vistas, and visitors from all over the world said it could cure whatever ailed them. At Halcyon Hot Springs, which is close to Revelstoke, what more could you possibly want?

What about a peaceful setting where you can also cool yourself in the chilly Upper Arrow Lake or the on-site cold pool? Healing minerals, including lithium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium, are present in the hot springs.

Halfway Hot Springs

Kootenay CentralCamping costs $15 a nightStay the night and enjoy the sounds of nature while you sleep under the sky

Escape to Halfway River Hot Springs, where several springs are located on a hillside next to a river, for a more rustic hot spring experience separated from modern daily life. It’s a tranquil setting where you may unwind and reconnect with nature.

Harrison Hot Pool

100 Esplanade Avenue, Harrison Hot Springs$9 for each adultHarrison Hot Springs Village, adjacent, has lodging options

You may visit five hot mineral pools once used for therapeutic purposes by the native people of the area at Harrison Hot Springs. A cold pool is available outside for cooling off, and each pool has a distinct temperature.

Fairmont Resort: The best hot spring in BC

5225 Fairmont Resort Road, Fairmont Hot Springs$20 for each adult. As long as you remain at the resort, access is freeExplore the nearby waterfall and undiscovered natural hot springs, which are also close to the pools

The Fairmont Hot Springs Resort near Invermere, home to the largest natural mineral hot springs in the nation, must be included on any list of the best hot springs in British Columbia.

You may relax in a hot pool that gets as hot as 102 degrees Fahrenheit while taking in the breathtaking mountain vistas all around you. On-site amenities include a cooled pool.

Nakusp Hot Pool

8500 Hot Springs Road, Nakusp$16.50 all day for adults and free for children under 5Along with a small cafe, there are cabins and camping spaces for your trip

This is one location in the Selkirk Mountains that you shouldn’t skip if you’re going on an adventure there. Through all four seasons, unwind in these stunning springs’ warm waters. These springs are special since they are community-owned and are maybe the cleanest you will ever visit.

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