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All Things You Need to Know About Dating Dutch People, As A Foreigner

What is it like to date in the Netherlands? What makes the Dutch different? What is interesting about the Dutch dating culture? What is the best Dutch dating app? We have all the answers for you!

We have some bad news for you if you’re hoping to meet a tender soulmate who will sweep you off your feet: the Dutch might not be the right match. Welcome to the country of reasonable people and cynical romantics. So far, so good?

How Dutch Dating Culture?



When it comes to dating, the Dutch are the most practical. As opposed to other nations, they are not as fond of the romantic, romanticized, and somewhat commercialized courtship phase. Therefore, resist the urge to constantly spend thousands of dollars or to overcompliment a date.

As you get to know a lady, a bouquet of roses might be all you need to buy her. The Dutch are naturally romantic; they simply don’t display it as much as most westerners do.


The efficiency of the Dutch is reflected in their interpersonal interactions as well. A Dutch person will therefore avoid wasting time and get right to the point. Even when it comes to intimacy, there is no set stage or timing; instead, they rely on their gut instinct and the environment.

They also value it when you are honest about your emotions. Saying no to a date in the middle is preferable to playing the field and leaving them wondering what happened.

In the Netherlands, women are encouraged to make the first move if they like someone, unlike in countries like the US and the UK where men are typically expected to do so.



When going on a date, don’t be shocked if your date shows up in casual attire. The Dutch are relaxed people who dress similarly to how they speak. The Dutch avoid wearing excessive jewelry and favor simple, sophisticated attire.

Paying for yourself on a date is perhaps the one rule that shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Not everyone will request that you split the bill, but if they do, don’t be shocked; it’s just a tradition that has persisted.

The Dutch will treat you equally everywhere else just like they do when they pay the bill. Paying your own bills is actually a highly regarded trait in the Netherlands.

What’s the deal with dating in the Netherlands?

The best approach is sincerity.


Honesty is their guiding principle, and this is true of both Dutch men and women. After dinner, your date will tell you if you have anything stuck in your teeth.

At first, this might be shocking, but once you get used to it, you realize — hey! Actually, this is better! Who would want to spend the entire evening out and about without anyone bringing up the lipstick on their teeth?

The Dutch consider it preferable to be truthful than to deceive someone or raise their expectations. Instead, they laid all of their cards on the table, leaving no room for speculation. So stop playing mind games, drama, and fuss! Any skepticism? Simply ask!

Dutch dating and flirting


Everyone values their time! As we’ve previously stated, Dutch people are always pro-honesty, which has an impact on the way they flirt.

Dutch women and men believe that it is a waste of time to sugarcoat situations and show people a lot of fake compliments. Don’t give up just because your date isn’t praising every aspect of you.

The same is true of romantic actions. Gifts? Getting something you would use and enjoy more is a better option than going with trendy suggestions like a lavish box of chocolates. This is one of the most interesting about Dutch culture dating.

Keeping it informal

The Dutch are laid back! Things might not go as planned if you expect to go on a first date to a fancy restaurant. There is nothing like the convivial ambiance of a traditional Dutch bruin café to sip a pint and eat some bitterballen.

Dutch marriage, homeownership, and parenthood


Now things start to get a little tricky. The conventional course of events once you’re in a relationship is one that we are all familiar with.

When you think you’ve found the right person, someone you genuinely enjoy being around, you first go steady and then, a few years later, one of you proposes. Then, according to the media, come marriage, a mortgage, and one or more children.

My friend once told me, “A house comes first, then a pet, then a child, and then the marriage. Without ensuring that we can live out the rest of our lives together, I won’t get married. What if he is a poor parent?

Like saving money? So do the Dutch!


The reputation of the Dutch for being cheap—um, we mean frugal—is frequently viewed negatively, but why?

Who says it’s ever a bad thing if your Dutchie knows where the best deals are and doesn’t want to pay more for something that can be found for less?

Taboo who?

Heavy-handed inquiries like “Do you believe in God?” and “When was the last time you had sex” are common. when speaking to a Dutch person for the first time.

Surprised? We can only speculate. In the Netherlands, freedom and individuality are praised. Your Dutchie is probably someone who doesn’t mind discussing the most challenging topics fairly early on in the relationship, if not even on the first date.

In addition, whether you want to hear it or not, they will express their opinion. The Dutch refer to what the rest of the world might consider to be potentially rude or too blunt as being open and honest.

How to meet people in the Netherlands


Fortunately, Dutch society is laid-back, making it simple to meet potential partners. Other European nations also have similar dating customs. Teenagers typically start interacting with peers at school, in their community, or through extracurricular activities and neighborhood clubs. Young adults, on the other hand, frequently connect through dating apps and websites, social groups, and gatherings at bars and clubs.

The Dutch, like many other cultures, prefer to find potential partners through established friendship circles. They can then slowly get to know someone before starting a romantic relationship in this way. There are many chances to meet compatible singles, whether this entails attending a house party or a casual argument with friends.

In the Netherlands, Dutch dating apps and websites are also becoming commonplace, much like in other cultures. This is especially true among the expat populations in the bigger cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Rotterdam. According to a Statista survey, Tinder was the most widely used dating app in the Netherlands in 2019 with about 60% of Dutch singles looking for a relationship using dating apps. Additionally well-liked platforms for casual dating are Badoo and Happn.

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