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Alice Springs: Unusual Things To Do in The Heart of Australia

Alice Springs is the main hub of Central Australia and the gateway to the Red Centre in the Northern Territory. This renowned outback town is the place to base yourself for various adventures and activities other than just immersing yourself in its magnificent nature alone. If you find yourself in Alice springs for a couple of days then this blog is for you. It will delve further into Alice Springs, regarding the best things to do, its weather condition, and the best time to visit before making your way through this stunning outback.


Unusual Things to do in Alice Springs:

Alice Springs’ breathtaking desert scenery, historical figures, and deep cultural ties to the Arrernte people are among the town’s many attractions. Get the most out of your time in Alice Springs by checking out these 5 top attractions.

1. View Alice Spring from a hot-air balloon scenic ride


If driving through the Australian outback isn’t enough for you, then take to the sky to enjoy the picturesque scenery from a hot-air ballon. You’ll be granted a scenic ride with a full view of its wonders. From the dazzling height, you can take in views of the golden hues of daybreak, and get a new perspective on the Australian territory. Drift over the barren landscape and keep an eye out for wildlife from the air, as well! It’s will the once-in-a-lifetime gift idea for any occasion or for a couple looking to celebrate an important milestone.

2. Try one of the world’s most challenging desert golf courses


Playing golf in the barren land where manicured green fairways are fairly stark may not be something that visitors consider when visiting Alice Springs. However, your experience at this dry golf course might be unlike any you’ve ever had before. Accu­ra­cy is a must and even the bold­est hit­ters must har­ness their pow­er and replace it with dis­cre­tion to ensure a safe land­ing.

3. Visit Alice Springs Desert Park


One of the must-visit tourist attractions on your list should be the desert park. Since its establishment in 1997, it has been home to many different species of animals. These include wedge-tailed eagles, dingoes, bilbies, and prickly devils. The park is vital to the conservation of wildlife and the strengthening of people’s ties to the land. It’s also the ideal option if you’re taking kids on vacation.

4. Gaze at art Galleries.


If you are an art enthusiast, then art galleries in Alice Springs will be a highlight of your trip. They earn a reputation for having a strong focus on Indigenous Australian art which illustrates the religious practices of the local Arrernte people. The art scene is rich with Aboriginal art. The ancient cultural and artistic practices of our First Nation’s artists across the Central and Western Desert region are alive and thriving.

5. Wander around Alice Springs Reptile Centre.


The Alice Springs Reptile Center will be a fun family outing since it is home to many different kinds of reptiles. The facility is home to a wide variety of exotic reptiles, including Terry the Saltwater crocodile, Perentie Goannas, Thorny Devils, Frill-neck Lizards, and many more. Senior card holders from outside of the country or state may enter for the same low rate of $17.

The weather and the best time to visit Alice Springs

If you want to make the most of your stay in Alice Springs, planning your vacation around the ideal time is a must. As it turns out, the spring and fall seasons are the best times to visit. Daytime is rather warm (about 23-30 degrees) and nights are also comfortable. The temperature is just right for going on a trek, swimming in a water hole, gazing at the stars, or watching the sunset without overheating or freezing.

Tips for traveling in Alice Springs:

The weather in Alice Springs? It’s colder than you think.

The Red Centre is renowned for its scorching summers, but winters can be surprisingly mild. The diurnal range of temperature is huge. Indeed, temperatures during the daytime range from 23 to 35 degrees, while at night, they may plunge to just about five degrees. Therefore, bring a long coat or even a blanket in case it becomes freezing.

Check the open hour.

Businesses in Alice, like those in many other small towns, are only open for a short period of time each day, so if you have your heart set on visiting a certain establishment, be sure to check whether it will open.

Prepared everything in advance.

Don’t underestimate how long it may take while plan your itinerary. You might have to spend half a day going to that one place. Despite decent roads connecting all of the attraction spots, getting from one place to another will still take some time, so schedule plenty of stops along the way.
In addition to the aforementioned, pack lots of water, sunscreen, a hat, and appropriate footwear before heading out.

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