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Adorable photos show cute koalas cuddling at a park in New South Wales

These cute koalas make the most of their cuddly buddies, unlike the locked-down Britons who have been unable to hug their loved ones for nearly a year. Adorable photos show cute koalas cuddling at a park in New South Wales

Park keepers at Australia’s Australian Reptile Park in Somersby, New South Wales, captured heartwarming photographs of the cuddly marsupials.

And the lovely series of photos has gained the cute animals a legion of followers worldwide who can’t get enough of their social media posts.

“Koalas are expected to go extinct in the wild by 2050, so we at The Australian Reptile Park are doing everything we can to assist make sure that doesn’t happen,” a park spokeswoman said.

“We want to protect and keep them secure in every way we can so that future generations can view them as well.”


The charming photos taken in New South Wales, Australia, have garnered the koala family legions of internet followers from all around the world who adore viewing their antics on social media.


These two appear to be fed up with the photographer disturbing their snuggle in the limbs of a tree at the Australian Reptile Park.


In a stunning image captured Down Under by caretakers at the park who chronicle their daily life on social media, this tiny koala patiently waits its turn for a heart-warming cuddle.


A park spokesman said that the fuzzy animals might become extinct over the next 30 years, which may surprise the animals’ new fans who like viewing the close encounters.


The animals’ charming antics have benefited individuals worldwide who have been separated from their loved ones for nearly a year because of the ongoing pandemic.

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