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Activities A True Canadian Must Do At Least Once

Activities a true Canadian must do at least once? What do you say? Have you ever tried one of these below?

See The Northern Lights – Activities A True Canadian Must Do


Being able to witness the geomagnetic gale dance across the night sky is honestly a marvel of nature.

According to professionals, you don’t have to prepare any certain equipment to watch the phenomenon. Just find yourself a place that is as close to the North pole as possible.

Hang Out In Stanley Park


It’s a big mistake not to visit Stanley Park when coming to Vancouver. With 400-hectare of rainforest, the park is the best way to get closer to wild nature. 

It also offers hiking and biking experiences due to its extensive area. For less challenging activities, you can try a snooze or a picnic with your beloved ones.

Getting Splashed By Niagara Falls – Activities A True Canadian Must Do


Imagine how exciting it is to see waterfalls up close and be splashed by them. Spend some time on your trip to Niagara to see the falls. We ensure that it is worth your time!

To gain the best thrilling experience, we suggest you hire a boat 

People usually hire a boat to get as close to the wonder as possible. It is the best way to gain a thrilling experience. Watching the magnificent waterfall cascading down and listening to the thundering water when it crashes will make you feel at ease.

Meet Anne Of Green Gables


Since Anne Shirley is a nationwide jewel, you are not a real Canadian if you skip the chance to visit the place.

If you visit the federal historic location in Cavendish in July or August, you can even encounter the red-haired orphan.

You can catch every iconic moment of the movie in this place. For example, in the dreamy spot in which Anne and her best friend, Diana have gotten into their hijinks, or where Anne started growing her platonic love with Gilbert, her classmate. 

Here is the address, 8619 Rte. 6, Cavendish, Prince Edward Island. 

Eat A St-Viateur Bagel – Activities A True Canadian Must Do


Not just being the longest-standing bagel store in Montreal, this iconic shop is cherished by A-list celebs and locals. For example, Celine Dion, Kelly Ripa, Jimmy Kimmel, the late Anthony Bourdain, etc.

The store offers a wide range of bagels that are excellent on their own. However, the flavor is even better when adding toppings such as lox and cream cheese.

You can find it at 263, rue St-Viateur O., Montreal in Quebec province.

Look For Dinosaurs In The Badlands


You can easily find the address of Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta on your phone.

Of course, you cannot hope to see a real dinosaur here! You won’t be that naive, right? But, still, a trip to visit this park will prepare you much fundamental knowledge about this extinct species.

UNESCO once declared that Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta is a World Heritage Site. It is also an original home to several largest fossil fields of dinosaurs worldwide.

Though the famous T. Rex and its buddies might be long gone, you can still learn about them via their fossils.

Going Up CN Tower – Activities A True Canadian Must Do


A Canadian should know about the iconic landmarks of his country! And since the CN Tower is one of the most well-known signatures, you have to visit the spot at least once.

You can enjoy the best aerial scenery of the city here. Try fine dining at the rotating 360 Restaurant, or hang off the skyscraper 116 floors up on the spectacular EdgeWalk is all worth your time.

Go Skating On The Rideau Canal


This is another UNESCO World Heritage Site, for your information.

There are about 8 kilometers of ice for you to enjoy. In 2022 alone, until now, this place has attracted over half a million guests who came to skate down. 

The location is in Ottawa, Ontario. It’s available 24/7 and is completely free for people of all ages.

Sip Wine In Niagara – Activities A True Canadian Must Do


Wanna try fancy wine with just Canadian prices? Head right to vineyards in Ontario. 

Niagara is the original home to more than 50 wineries. Many of them provide visits and tastings during the warmer times. Whether you are a professional or just a newbie tippler, it’s awesome to support Canadian firms, especially when it is about appetizing wines.

Take A Photo At Lake Louise


You are not in the real mood of Banff if you haven’t gone to Lake Louise and taken a photo there.

So, here is the address to get yourself nice pics, at 111 Lake Louise Dr., Lake Louise, Alberta.

This place is best famous for its gorgeous turquoise lake water. You can also have a chance to enjoy other scenery such as the up-close mountains and the Vicotria Glacier. Just the thought of being immersed in fantastical natural magnificence will make you feel at ease.

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