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A Giraffe In South Africa Knocked Down His Rival With Judo

This amazing throw by a giraffe in South Africa, which used its own neck to raise its opponent’s leg into the air, knocked down a rival in the style of judo.

In South Africa’s Kariega Game Reserve, Wayne Howarth, 31, was leading a tour when they stumbled and discovered two bulls fighting over a nearby female.

At first, the aggressive giants appear to be fighting properly, swinging their enormous necks at one another’s bodies in an attempt to knock one another out.

The younger giraffe then unexpectedly lifts its rival’s left back calf into the air with its head, knocking the older adult to the ground.

The triumphant giraffe lifts its head towards the grounded animal as if to demonstrate its superiority before stamping its hoof on its body.

“I was astounded at the strength of the two animals,” Wayne added. “Being so close to them while walking on foot truly made my heart race.”

“In my 11 years as a guide in Kariega, I have never seen anything like this. I have witnessed giraffe fights, but I have never witnessed a knockdown.”

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“We approached them after spotting them from a distance while on a guided stroll. The altercation, which involved a girl who was entering oestrus, lasted for around 15 minutes.”

“The guests were stunned to see such a meeting. It was actually nature in its most untainted state.”

“Neither giraffe sustained any wounds. The larger and older bull that was knocked over ultimately got back up as the two bulls put an end to their altercation.”


Despite being shot in 2018, the video was just shared on social media, where it has received over 3.9 million views. Commenters expressed shock over the giraffe’s violence, with some making jokes that it had previously taken a judo class and had been watching “too many UFC fights.”

“The giraffe is trained by Khabib Nurmagomedov,” according to one commenter.

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