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8 Things The Dutch Do That Prove They Are So Smart

Any Dutch person will tell you that they are a fairly intelligent group of people. The Dutch are always coming up with new life hacks, whether it be clever suggestions for how to save money or how to get furniture up those steep staircases. Here are some of the smart things of the Dutch that can surprise you, like creating the Netherlands by dikes, bee-friendly bus stops, or using bikes.

Utilize An Exterior Building Hook To Hoist Furniture Into A Home – Prove The Dutch Are So Smart


You need a way to get furniture up those dangerous staircases because the canal houses in the Netherlands are so small. The hoisting hook can be used in this situation.

It’s not as gloomy as it sounds, so don’t worry. You may have noticed them outside old Dutch houses—those big hooks. Nowadays, the majority of Dutch van rentals offer rope pully systems for just a few euros, which are used to lift furniture.

The furniture is then maneuvered through your large Dutch window. Dutch architecture suddenly makes sense, am I right?

Have A Jar Scraper On Hand For The Remaining Peanut Butter

Waste is disliked by everyone, especially the Dutch. Naturally, they came up with the flessenlikker. This is the Dutch gadget, also known as a “bottle licker,” which makes sure that every bottle of sauce is used to the very last drop.

When food manufacturers began putting more food in glass containers, this invention was made in the 1960s. So don’t be offended if they ask you to take their flessenlikker—now it’s a standard in Dutch households.

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Put Large Bins Along Bike Paths


Imagine yourself riding your used student bike along with the nagging wrapper from the frikandelbroodje you had for lunch still on it. Fortunately for you, the Dutch have thought of that in some cities and have thoughtfully placed large round trash cans alongside the cycle paths.

It discourages littering and gives the impression that you are participating in an Olympic sport, in which the Dutch would undoubtedly triumph. When you want to feel like Michael Jordan, and you need a small victory, go for a ride and a shoot.

Create The Netherlands By Erecting Dikes


“God created the world, but the Dutch created the Netherlands,” goes an old proverb. And while the Dutch accomplished this a long time ago, it is nonetheless quite “dam” impressive. It also explains why every other Dutch person you encounter is pursuing a degree in water management.

For a quick explanation, the Dutch used a number of dikes in the Netherlands- barriers that are used to keep the water back – to drain land from the sea. The Dutch Golden Age, when they developed their hydraulic engineering expertise, saw a tenfold increase in this practice from its Middle Ages beginnings.

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Early Language Learning Show That The Dutch Are Smart

Since they can effortlessly switch to English at any time, the Dutch are the best non-native English speakers in the world, as you may have already guessed. But how did they become so fluent in so many languages? That’s understandable because they begin learning languages in preschool.

The Netherlands is a country where bilingual or trilingual kindergarten is very common. It’s incredibly wise to do this while kids are still developing their brains and are better able to learn languages. Therefore, don’t be shocked if a Dutch child begins speaking to you in English; they are highly advanced. In fact, Dutch speakers are consistently on the top list of the world’s top non-native English speakers.

Establish Bee-Friendly Bus Stops – The Dutch Are Smart


Bee bus stops may sound like something from Sesame Street, but Utrecht’s air quality was improved with the help of this endearing Dutch idea. Grass and wildflowers were planted on top of the bus stop to create more than 300 “bee stops.”

Bees are encouraged to pollinate the flowers in these wild gardens, boosting the city’s biodiversity. Who said you couldn’t look stunning while saving the bees?

Learn How To Move And Deliver Using A Bike


While we’re on the subject of multitasking while riding a bike, the Dutch appear to balance as much as is physically possible while doing so. Have you ever seen Dutch people drag furniture like couches or refrigerators between bikes? It really is as crazy and amazing as it sounds.

Dutchies also happen to transport Christmas trees on bikes in a festive version of this skill.

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Put Doorbells On The Fish So They Can Travel Through Canals

The first fish doorbell in history was installed in a canal lock in Utrecht. I admit that it isn’t a doorbell in the conventional sense. Instead, the number of fish awaiting the lock is displayed by underwater cameras at the Weerdsluis. When they see fish in the line while watching online, viewers can ring the doorbell.

Although it might sound like something from a Monty Python skit, this has been crucial in assisting fish in moving between different depths of water. For breeding in the spring and for keeping warm during the winter, native fish need shallower water. The poor lockkeeper, who constantly has to explain to people that there isn’t an actual doorbell, might not think this is so clever.

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