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7 Wonderful Things About Giethoorn, Netherlands You Did Not Know

Because of its wide system of canals and approximately 180 trees, Giethoorn, a charming village in The Netherlands, is referred to as the Venice of Northern Europe. You’ll get a sense of time travel as you stroll along the canal walkway to see the gorgeous homes and stop for lunch at one of the Canal cafes or restaurants because the majority of the homes here have thatched roofs.

No Road In Giethoorn Village, Netherlands


The only mode of transportation in this charming community, which is car-free and has more than 6 kilometers of canals, is by boat through the lush canals. This voyage through the “Venice of the Netherlands” is made absolutely unforgettable by tranquility, spaciousness, and nature. People simply want to remain here forever and never want to go because it is so wonderful. The croaking of the duck will be the only sound you hear, leaving you with a serene sense.

Vehicles Are Forbidden


Giethoorn in The Netherlands is renowned for its picturesque landscape, lakes, floral displays, and wooden bridges. The only means of transportation in this Dutch village is by boat, and vehicles must be parked outside of the village. You’ll be astonished to learn that the Dutch, whose nation is submerged beneath the sea, genuinely enjoy living near water.

You must leave your vehicle close to the village’s center when you arrive. You may wander around or rent bicycles or canoes to get around. The most common mode of transportation in this area, punter boats, can also be used to experience the thrills.

History Of Giethoorn, Netherlands

Weerribben-Wieden National Park, a sizable nature reserve, is home to Giethoorn in The Netherlands. In the thirteenth century, the Franciscan monks were those who first inhabited the region.

Villagers started creating the first peat transport canals in the 16th century. In these canals, several farmers have constructed their farms. The majority of farms are situated on little islands that can only be accessed via a bridge. Villagers excavated so much peat over the years that lakes were formed nearby.

When it appeared in Dutch director Bert Haanstra’s 1958 film Fanfare, Giethoorn village in the Netherlands with no roads rose to international fame.

Traveling In Giethoorn Village, Netherlands

The less than 3000-person Giethoorn village in Holland is calm and peaceful for the majority of the day. Many Giethoorn residents reside on private islands; thus, canoes, kayaks, or whisper boats—so named for their stealthily silent intentions—are their primary modes of transit across the canals. Don’t disturb the peace.

Locals utilize boats to get around because cars are typically stored outside the settlement. You can traverse those lovely arched bridges or the canals to get to the government structures and other historic residences.

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The Bridge


Around 180 bridges cross the canals that pass through Giethoorn village in The Netherlands. Most homes can only be reached via these bridges, and practically all of them are made entirely of wood.

When going here, walking ranks after your boat as the primary mode of transportation. And this charming village won’t disappoint you. You will be nearly forced to sit back and take in the scenic surroundings by the lovely wooden bridges. It will actually give you the illusion of a dream to be able to wander around the village without being bothered by passing cars.

Rustic Nature


The majority of this charming community is made up of homes with thatched roofs, lush gardens, and hospitable locals. An excellent place to stop while exploring the village is one of the numerous charming cafes tucked away in its crevices.

This is the location for you to visit if you wish to escape the rush of city life and live in harmony with nature. The only noise that troubles you is occasional birdsong, which you won’t mind at all.

Bicycle Path


Along with the abundance of canals and bridges, Giethoorn village in The Netherlands is also lined with several bike and pedestrian trails. Visitors can ride bicycles and tour the Dutch countryside, which is home to endless fields and livestock farms. Cycling is actually the greatest way to experience this village’s rural beauty. Additionally, this choice allows you the freedom to explore independently and unwind whenever you like.

Giethoorn village in The Netherlands with no roads that are sometimes referred to as the “Venice of the North,” has grown to be a popular travel destination. There are various ways to experience its rustic beauty, including biking, boating, and guided canal tours. When you visit this location, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into a fairy tale. To ensure that you don’t miss anything, carefully plan your itinerary.

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