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7 Must-Try Activities In Blue Mountains National Park

One of Australia’s most well-known wilderness areas is the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. It is one of Sydney’s most well-liked day outings and spans more than a million hectares, including Blue Mountains National Park. It is located around 60 kilometers from Sydney in New South Wales. Top 7 wonderful activities in Blue Mountains National Park are listed below such as Grand Canyon walking track, Scenic Railway, Jenolan Caves.

Explore The Blue Mountains Hiking And Heritage Trails

Exploring some of the 140 kilometers of hiking and historical paths in the park is one of the finest ways to fully appreciate the beauty of this World Heritage environment. Many of the trails were first constructed in 1825.


The storied National Pass is one of the most well-liked trails. The trail leaves Conservation Hut and enters the Valley of the Waters after being carved into the side of a cliff. Before moving on to the historic Grand Stairway, which was hand-built with picks and shovels more than a century ago, you can take in a set of lovely waterfalls at this location. The walk culminates with breathtaking views at Wentworth Falls and Jamison Lookout.

The Prince Henry Cliff Walk, which runs from Katoomba Cascades to Gordon Falls along a valley’s edge, is another well-liked trail. This well-liked hike is punctuated by breathtaking valley views, springtime wildflowers, and some of the park’s most recognizable attractions.

The strenuous trip through the Blue Gum Forest in Australia is something of a spiritual pilgrimage for bushwalkers. This five-kilometer climb gives panoramic views of vast eucalyptus woods that were preserved by a group of ardent hikers in the 1930s from Perry’s Lookdown. It’s regarded as one of Australia’s best hikes.

The Grand Canyon walking track in the Blue Mountains is the only option if you’re seeking for one of the best walks close to Sydney. The Grand Canyon walking track, which is regarded as the best climb in the Blue Mountains, will provide you access to the breathtakingly spectacular rainforest environment that was once a part of the Gondwanan epoch. Yes, it is estimated to be more than 100 million years old, and it is possible that this is the rainforest where dinosaurs allegedly once roamed.


The Jellybean track is a fantastic hike for families, especially on a hot summer day. This short walk leads to the charming Jellybean Pool in Glenbrook Gorge, which is a great place to take the kids swimming. You can have a picnic on one of the sandy beaches after your swim.

The Fairfax Heritage Track is wonderful for families and accessible for wheelchairs and strollers. It passes through scribbly gum trees as it follows the banks of a hanging marsh.

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Enjoy a Picnic at Leura Cascades


Looking for a tranquil location to picnic while taking in the scenery? The ideal location is Leura Cascades. In addition to the mouthwatering picnic meal, there is a sensory feast here thanks to the softly splashing water, twittering birds, and the scent of the Australian bush. This is one of the top Blue Mountains activities for couples if you’re looking for things to do with that special someone.

The falls are lovely despite being small. They spill into a little pool after tumbling down a succession of fern-lined granite ledges. You can set up here at one of the picnic seats, or there are lots of spots to spread out your picnic rug.

Explore some of the beautiful hiking trails that lead from the falls after you’ve finished all the food. Take the trail downstream to the top of Bridal Veil Falls for a leisurely stroll. Want to take a longer hike to burn off all the calories from the picnic? A fantastic choice is the 4.5-kilometer Fern Bower loop. As an alternative, you can go to Gordon Falls overlook by using the Prince Henry Cliff Walk.

Abseil Down a Cliff in Blue Mountains National Park


Your heart will surely race as you rappel down sheer granite cliffs over deep valleys. And it so happens that one of the main activities for adventurers in Blue Mountains National Park is rappelling.

Rappelling, often known as abseiling, is a sport that includes using a fixed rope to down a rock face. An organized trip is one of the greatest methods to try the sport for the first time. You can attempt this sport while being guided by an experienced guide on the Half-Day Abseiling Adventure in Blue Mountains National Park. You will rappel down a set of cliffs with a 30-meter drop.

Take some time to look around and take in the breathtaking scenery while you’re hanging off the cliffs! All of the equipment and national park entrance costs are included in the tour, which departs from Katoomba.

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Discover Jenolan Caves


Some of the oldest caverns in the world can be found in Jenolan Caves, which are located on the western side of the Blue Mountains. Jenolan Caves features breathtaking limestone formations, underground rivers, and fossilized relics, can be explored.

You can also take in musical performances in the Lucas Cave’s Cathedral chamber, which is said to have the greatest acoustics of any performance place on earth.

The experiences range from thrilling cave exploration to eerie nighttime excursions and leisurely boardwalk strolls. Make sure you reserve early. Younger parents may want to choose the self-guided tour because the tours can be quite long. Bushwalking trails in the surrounding natural areas offer numerous opportunities to see local species. You must go to Jenolan Caves right away!

Experience Skyway And Railway In Scenic World Blue Mountains


Some of the most well-liked activities in Blue Mountains National Park are offered by Scenic World. It’s a fantastic way to take in stunning topography. Two most interesting activities of Scenic World In Blue Mountains are railway àn skyway.

Choose from four distinct experiences at Scenic in Blue Mountain: ride the world’s steepest railway, the Scenic Railway, through a tunnel cut into a cliff into an ancient rainforest. Take the glass-floored Scenic Skyway to soar through the forest canopy or the Scenic Cableway to descend into the Jamison Valley. You can also travel the 2.4-kilometer Scenic Walkway, an elevated boardwalk through the Jurassic rainforest, in your own time.

Whatever journey you decide to embark on, it will begin at Scenic World Top Station, positioned on a cliff edge overlooking the Jamison Valley. Here, you can purchase your tickets, eat a meal, shop for gifts, and catch a glimpse of the breathtaking view that will be yours as you descend into the valley.

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See The Three Sisters From Echo Point Lookout


The Blue Mountains’ most well-known tourist destination is the Three Sisters rock formation, which is close to Katoomba. These striking sandstone pillars, which rise more than 900 meters above the Jamison valley shrouded in mist, are featured in countless well-known photos of the Blue Mountains. They are illuminated by floodlights at night, which contrasts eerily well with the night sky.

The peaks are three sisters, according to an Aboriginal tradition, who was bewitched by a tribal elder and turned to stone to guard against three brothers from another tribe. The elder, nevertheless, died before he could break his spell.

One of the greatest places to see the Three Sisters is from Echo Point. It also designates the beginning of several walking trails that lead down into the valley. The base of these magnificent peaks can be reached through the Giant Stairway, a path with more than 800 steps.

Hike to Wentworth Falls


One of the Blue Mountains’ most stunning waterfalls, Wentworth Falls cascades over three layers of rock ledges. Jamison Watercourse gushes down a creek into the Valley of the Waters after plunging 297 meters over the upper and lower falls at the edge of the escarpment.

You may observe the falls from a number of lookouts along the area’s many hiking paths, which range from casual strolls to strenuous cliff-ledge trails. The falls are also accessible via the National Pass walking route, but because they are a seasonal attraction, it is advisable to verify the weather in the area first.

You can visit the Conservation Hut, a resource center, restaurant, and starting point for a number of well-liked walking routes, in the nearby town of Wentworth Falls.

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