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7 Most Charming Towns in Quebec If You Want To Escape The City

The largest province in Canada, Quebec, is known for its spectacular natural geography that combines mountains, forests, valleys, and ocean views. This is a great place to escape from the busy cities and immerse yourself in the peace of charming small towns.

Town of Saint-Pacome, Quebec

Calling itself the “Capital of Detective Fiction,” Saint-Pacôme is another must-see village of Bas-Saint-Laurent, nestled between the foothills of Haut-Pays (Upper Country) and the meandering Ouelle River. Here you can find stunning views, best seen from the top of the mountain.

The village is distinguished by its historic architecture, surrounded by hiking paths that lead visitors deeper into the local countryside. Two other beautiful villages you can also explore are Kamouraska and Cacouna.

The small town of Notre-Dame-du-Portage, Quebec


Notre-Dame-du-Portage is a proud member of the Quebec Association of the Most Beautiful Villages. With its beautiful architecture and poetic natural setting, this charming Village has become a popular vacation spot that you must definitely visit.

Stanstead – The most Charming Towns in Quebec

Located right on the Quebec-Vermont border in the Eastern Towns, Stanstead was founded by pioneers from New England in the 1790s.

Before coming to Europe, this area was the home of Abenakis. The town grew throughout the 19th century through the arrival of the United Empire Loyalists and the growth of the granite industry. The town is, therefore, home to a beautiful collection of historic buildings.

The main route, Dufferin Street, is known as the “open-air museum” due to its many churches and other famous buildings, such as Stanstead College (1873), Collège des Ursulines (1881) and the old post office.

Les Éboulements (Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive)


Les Éboulements has been a popular vacation spot since 1900. What makes this charming little town special is its location. The town is located in a 100 km wide crater, nestled 200 meters above the St Lawrence River.

Les Éboulements has many art galleries with some of the most spectacular panoramas in Québec.

Percé & L’Anse-a-Beaufils Town, Quebec

Also located in Gaspésie, Percé was initially a small fishing village. Offering a stunning sea panorama, the area is home to historic fishing buildings, ancestral homes, museums, art galleries and beaches. Its distinctive geographical features include Percé Rock, which resembles a giant shipwreck, with cliffs on both sides and accessible at low tide.



About 30 kilometers from Quebec City on the banks of the St Lawrence River, Saint-Michel-de-Bellechasse offers stunning views of the river’s estuary and canals, with the Île d’Orléans framed against the backdrop of the Laurentian Mountains. The town has a population of around 1,800 and Old Saint-Michel displays quaint white wooden houses influenced by the Neoclassical style of the 19th century. Visitors can also enjoy a heritage walk of the town. villages, artists’ studios, and the Musée le Voiturier (miniature chariot maker), along with a summer theatre.

Havre-Aubert (Les les-de-la-Madeleine)

Île du Havre-Aubert is the largest island of the Îles-de-la-Madeleine archipelago, a series of islands located near the mouth of the St. Lawrence. Six of these islands are connected by golden dunes nearly 100 kilometers long, contrasting with the red rock of the cliffs, the blue sea and lagoon, and the colorful houses that make up the landscape.

The Île du Havre-Aubert is home to indigenous archaeological sites and the historic quarter of La Grave, which features historic fishing buildings, an aquarium, a maritime museum, cafes and shops.

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