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7 Cutest Islands In British Columbia To Watch Whales This Summer

Many tiny islands in British Columbia are the perfect places to watch whales this summer. Furthermore, because you can take BC Ferries to them, they are ideal weekend summer getaway plans. While the weather is warm, consider visiting these little hidden gem locations, and you might even see some humpback or orca whales along the way. Let’s enjoy whale watching in British Columbia!

Hornby Island


This tiny island in British Columbia has white sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters that resemble a miniature Hawaii. It’s also a great place to gaze at the ocean and pretend to be whale watching in the tropics.

Three humpback whales soar into the sky in a spectacular triple breach in Canada.

Saturna Island – best Island in British Columbia To Watch Whales


Saturna Island is well-known for its excellent whale-watching opportunities. There are some excellent hikes and kayaking areas that will provide excellent viewing opportunities for orcas.

Some people have even reported seeing orcas from Saturna Island’s East Point Regional Park.

Whale’s funeral after hours-long struggle with fishing wire on Canada beach

Cortes Island


This island is an incredible place to see massive humpback whales. If you can get a boat out onto the waters surrounding the island, the whale-watching views are spectacular.

Ready to blow: Fears that sixty-ton blue whale carcass could EXPLODE at any moment in Newfoundland

Mayne Island


Mayne Island is surrounded by beautiful ocean and has numerous lookout points and beaches where you can look for whales.

In addition, if you’re looking for a place to stay, the island is home to one of the country’s most desired unique stays.

Gabriola Island


Gabriola has so many beautiful sights to see, both on land and at sea. While on the island, you can visit many of the beaches and the incredible sandstone caves.

You might even see some whales passing by.

Salt Spring Island – best Island in British Columbia To Watch Whales

This tiny, secluded island has numerous small beaches to enjoy while gazing out at the sea. From this island, you could see anything from a harbor porpoise to a gray whale.

Galiano Island


According to the island’s website, “from boating to hiking, kayaking to mopeding, festivals to whale watching, art shows to golf, fishing to fiestas, Galiano offers a wide range of experiences for our Island Guests to enjoy.”

They also have some incredible parks and beaches with clear blue waters that will make you wonder if you’re even in Canada.

Bowen Island – best Island in British Columbia To Watch Whales

This tiny island is actually only about a 20-minute boat ride away from Vancouver. It’s ideal for a day trip to try to spot some incredible sea creatures.

Additionally, the hikes on the island will provide the best views of whales.

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