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7 Best Scenic Road Trips In The Netherlands That Will Immerse Yourself

The Netherlands is home to stunning coastlines, lush woods, contemporary cities, charming towns, fantasy castles, and much more. A road trip is a fantastic opportunity to see all of the Dutch cultures. You don’t even need to take a whole week off to see everything. Check out the most stunning road trips in the Netherlands we found for you below!

7 Best Scenic Road Trips In The Netherlands

Delta Route, Zeeland


The Delta Works flood defenses are situated along the south coast of the Netherlands. They were constructed following the devastating North Sea Flood of 1953 and are a tribute to the country’s engineering ingenuity. This day’s journey takes you by all 13 of these historic buildings and the breathtaking environment that surrounds them. Give yourself around 3 days to comfortably complete this 380-kilometer itinerary starting in Rotterdam. It includes stops in places like Volkerakdam, Oesterdam, Neeltje Jans, and Hartelbrug.

Den Helder to The Hague


The Netherlands’ primary naval facility is located in Den Helder, which is in the country’s northern region. This beautiful drive takes you via Julianadorp’s traditional scenery and old-style Dutch houses, the former capital of Haarlem with its museums and breweries, and finally, the Hague. The International Court of Justice is located in your last destination, which is immersed in exquisite architecture.

From Amsterdam to Lage Vuursche


By using the S112, which is only 50 kilometers from Amsterdam, you can go to Lage Vuursche in an hour, barring traffic. This region is distinguished by magnificent woodlands and marshes teeming with wildlife. It also features cozy eateries serving up local cuisine, and the Dropsstraat neighborhood is home to many beautiful 18th-century homes. From Amsterdam to Lage Vuursche is a road trip if you want to experience the wonderful outdoors in the Netherlands.

Way to the Veluwe National Park: Most Stunning Road Trips In The Netherlands


Veluwe, the most well-known national park in the Netherlands, spans a huge territory that is home to both cities and towns, as well as forests and farmland. In a round journey from Arnhem to Apeldoorn takes at least a day. You can tour its sights, including Rosendael castle, the Pomphulweg, and Hetloo Palace. If you want to take your time and truly rest, you can extend the trip overnight.

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Zwolle to Groningen


Groningen, the largest city in the north of the Netherlands, is a maze of canal-overhanging, historic buildings, and meandering lanes. Before going through Drenthe and Assen and arriving in Zwolle, you can make a pit stop at Fort Bourtagne. It is a unique hamlet constructed in the 18th century and laid out in a stellate pattern. Here, visitors can take in expansive vistas of the nearby rivers and canals, as well as a fascinating museum dedicated to computers and video games.

Route of Friesland’s six castles: Add To Your Road Trips In The Netherlands


You can go on to the next item on your list if you don’t like castles. You’re about to go on a historically rich road journey through the Friesland Six Castles Route if you’re still reading. This region of the Netherlands refers to castles by their Dutch word, “state”. This 89-kilometer circuit begins at the aptly named Poptaslot in Marsuum (with its exquisite gardens). Then travels to Jelsum’s Dekemastate and Fogelstanghstate in Veenklooster. From there, you may visit Leeuwarden’s Princessehof, the Uniastate in Bears, and Veenwouden’s Schierstins.

Sagenland Route (Sagenlandroute)


The Sagenland Route, the ultimate drive through the Dutch countryside, takes you to the east of the nation. The route traverses nearly the entire Twente region, taking you past water mills, old farms, charming villages, historic churches, the Springendal nature reserve, the old Ootmarsum, and the Singraven estate. You don’t even need to bring your road map for this trip because the ANWB (Dutch road aid) designed the Sagenland Route, which is the only one that is fully marked along the way.

How To Rent A Car In The Netherlands

It’s also not too difficult to rent a vehicle. Both the larger towns and the airports provide automobile rentals. We typically reserve a car online in advance while traveling abroad to ensure that we obtain the best pricing and that all insurances are covered.

The Netherlands makes it quite simple to rent a car, and its traffic restrictions are pretty similar to those in North America. You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license in order to rent a car and operate a vehicle in the Netherlands. You can be liable to extra fees or charges if you’re under 25 or older than 70.

Notes For Driving In The Netherlands


The speed limits in the Netherlands are 50 km/h in residential areas, 80–100 km/h outside of built-up regions, and 130 km/h on highways. You drive on the right. Vehicles must have seatbelts in the front and rear, and if you park someplace against the rules, the police may issue an immediate punishment. You must use a caution triangle or hazard warning lights if you break down or are in an accident in the Netherlands, and you can call 112 for assistance if you need emergency services. UK licenses are still recognized there.

Please only use your horn to warn other drivers when traveling in a built-up area, and you should flash your lights at night instead.

Driving in the Netherlands’ cities can be challenging because motorists must be alert for busy bike lanes, tram lanes, walkways, and other vehicles. Don’t forget to plan your route in advance to avoid being disorganized while driving. Additionally, it’s crucial to keep in mind to perform a complete self-inspection of the vehicle before leaving the rental lot. If there are any noticeable dents or scrapes on the automobile, take pictures of them in case the damage is contested when you return the car.

You can discover the culture, history, and scenery of this diverse European country from the comfort of your automobile by taking one of these top 7 road trips in the Netherlands. There is always something to attract your sight and captivate your heart, from museums bursting with top-notch artwork to meadows ablaze with gorgeous flowers and windmills tilting in the breeze.

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