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6 Nova Scotia Beaches That Will Make You Feel Out Of Canada

So many beaches in Nova Scotia will make you feel like you’ve been transported to another country!

With all that the province has to offer, you can be transported to the dunes of North Carolina, the beautiful blue ocean of a Caribbean island, or the epic surf of Australia. Here are six Nova Scotia beaches to visit if you want to travel in Canada yet feel like you’ve been to another country!

Martinique Beach – Nova Scotia Beaches


Martinique Beach is Nova Scotia’s longest sandy beach, with a five-kilometer crescent white sand beach!

It has picnic places hidden behind dunes and boardwalks that lead to swimming areas.

On a hot summer day, you could think you’ve arrived at Martinique Beach in Nova Scotia rather than a beach with stunningly blue waters in Martinique.

Summerville Beach – Nova Scotia


Summerville Beach is regarded as one of the best sandy beaches on the province’s south shore.

Dunes and an open salt marsh surround the one-kilometer light sand beach.

Lawrencetown Beach


Lawrencetown Beach is a prominent “sand-and-cobble” beach famed for its surf, which allows you to believe you’re surfing in Australia or catching a wave in California.

The beach has boardwalks that link to a walking track on a former railbed.

Mavillette Beach – Nova Scotia


This 1.5-kilometer sandy beach is flanked by grass-covered dunes and is accessible by boardwalks that lead to the sand.

The water recedes when the tide is low, exposing the Mavillette Beach sand flats. The sun then warms the sand, which heats the water when the tide is high!

Melmerby Beach


Melmerby Beach is a two-kilometer boardwalk-lined beach famed for its mild summer waves.

The walk along the boardwalk, flanked by beach grass, appears to have been lifted from a Nicholas Sparks novel set in a North Carolina beach town.

Crescent Beach


A tombolo is a sandbar connecting the shore to an island and is a unique beach barrier. It’s only about two kilometers long and 40 to 65 meters wide!

Crescent Beach appears as it belongs on a Caribbean island, with its magnificent blue waters and unique position!

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  1. two of the pictures are utterly wrong. Martinique beach in NS certainly has no palm trees. And Crescent beach does not have streets or homes behind it. Maybe Florida.

  2. Lived in Nova Scotia my entire life except for the last 4 which I’ve been in Toronto. We return every summer for 3 weeks at the cottage on Nova Scotia’s North Shore. I have yet to run into the above beaches that have Palm Trees. Can you please explain?

  3. Nova Scotia is on my bucket list. Your beaches article photo of Martinique Beach is misleading, I don’t believe there are palm trees!


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