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6 Breathtaking Sights in Alberta That Make You Feel Like You’re Lost in Paradise

Alberta’s magnificent landscapes are among the most spectacular in Canada, ranging from the undulating Prairies to the Rocky Mountains. Here are six breathtaking sights to add to your Canadian bucket list.

Lake Moraine is Breathtaking Sight in Alberta


Alberta is a Prairie province with breathtaking scenery and warm people. An unknowing heart can be readily kidnapped once entrenched in its place and culture. Alberta is a large area full of amazing beauty, from sweeping Prairie fields and towering Rocky Mountain peaks to the eerie beauty of the badlands. It also has some stunning national parks. Waterton Glacier International Peace Park is a biosphere reserve in southern Alberta that borders the United States in the state of Montana. Moving north, you’ll come across Banff and Jasper National Parks. There are numerous provincial parks on the outskirts of these parks with enough to see and do.

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Healy Pass, Alberta


The biodiversity of southern Alberta is one of its draws. As you go west, you will pass through the lovely rolling landscape of the foothills, where you will see plenty of ranch land and livestock. The Rocky Mountains are a short drive to the west. The Rockies emanate force in their regal beauty, with their soaring peaks, countless glacial lakes, and valleys. The Rockies also provide a terrific opportunity for the adventurous soul, with many beautiful hiking paths, animal viewing opportunities, and more. It’s such an incredible spot that we return every summer to hike as much as we can. My husband Neil and I frequently hike for hours without seeing another person, but other times we meet friendly travellers from all across Canada and the world.

Alberta’s Stunning Canola Fields


On some of our excursions, we travel east. I really enjoy traveling around during the summer months when the crops are abundant, many of which sparkle in the sun, such as the vivid yellow of canola. This sight in Alberta will surprise you! Alberta is a big grower of canola, barley, and wheat, which results in a magnificent patchwork of colors all around us. When combined with the beautiful skies we have, it all adds up to amazing views.

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Calgary, a big modern and multicultural metropolis with a population of over one million people, is the province’s major urban center in the south. It is situated near the confluence of the Bow and Elbow rivers. The Rockies are only about a 45-minute drive away from Calgary. We enjoy visiting this city since there is so much to do, including a wide range of creative attractions, retail centers, and beautiful parks with hiking paths. These parks also have more species than one might imagine, such as birds, foxes, rabbits, and even moose or deer! Calgary is famed for its bright, sunny days—it has the most of any major Canadian city. And, yes, it can be very cold in the winter; yet, when the chinook winds blow, a frigid day will quickly turn into a warm one.

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Rowley’s Iconic Grain Elevators – Sight in Alberta


A cursory look at Alberta’s history reveals a vibrant and interesting past. Our rich culture is influenced by the First Nations peoples, ancestors of Canada’s indigenous occupants who lived here for thousands of years before European explorers and fur traders came. Cattle ranches took the place of bison in the Canadian west as they disappeared. The railway began construction in the early nineteenth century, traveling through the Calgary area. This affected the production in this region once again because the area was now easier to access, and small farmers of mixed production began to change the appearance of this land. Along the rail lines, small communities grew, and Alberta became a province on September 1, 1905.

Alberta is rich in both history and adventure. Living here has played an important role in helping me develop my abilities and inspiration as a wildlife photographer, whether it’s waiting for changes in light and shadows, chasing tremendous storms, or looking for critters scurrying around. I am grateful for the opportunities this province has provided me, and I hope to spend many more years in this great area I call home.

Drumheller Badlands


Further east, after leaving the bountiful prairie region behind, you will come across a completely different but as fascinating and gorgeous ecology. This is the best sight to see in Alberta. The badlands are largely arid ground, sedimentary rock, and clay degraded by water and wind. A very imposing terrain serves as a chilling reminder that dinosaurs formerly roamed freely here. Hoodoos, canyons, ravines, and mesas are among the many interesting formations. The numerous colorful rock formations make for excellent sightseeing. The Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller offers excitement and enjoyment for people of all ages, with a world-class collection of dinosaur bones and historical relics.

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