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6 Amazing Facts About Maori People Not Everyone Knows

In New Zealand there is a very famous indigenous people that is the Maori. They have very diverse and unique cultural traditions. Let’s discover 6 amazing facts about Maori people not everyone knows such as Hongi greeting or Hangi dish.

Historians Are Uncertain About Their Original Land

The indigenous Maori people of New Zealand are frequently referred to as Polynesian indigenous tribes. The Maori people came to New Zealand in the 1300s and presently makeup 15% of the population, yet historians are unsure of where their initial homeland was. The waka (outrigger canoe) they arrived in on the shores of Aotearoa (the long white cloud), New Zealand, defines the tribes in N.Z. Maoris gather at their tribe marae in accordance with their rituals and traditions in order to be with relatives.

Maori People Have An Unique Greeting – Amazing Facts


The Maori first fact is their unique greeting. Forget about handshakes, high fives, and embraces once you meet a Maori. Maori greetings are really personal. This cultural practice, which in Maori is known as “Hongi,” enables Maori to link souls by delivering the “breath of life.”

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Maori People Typically Prepare Their Meals Underground


Once you’ve made the decision to travel to New Zealand, be sure to sample the “Hangi” – a traditional Maori dish. In this dish, heated rocks buried in a pit oven are used for cooking a combination of raw meat and veggies. When the hangi is finished cooking, a bowl of it is placed in the stones over the big fire and covered with earth.

They Are Greatest Storytellers – Amazing Facts About Maori People

Are you anxious about your child’s storytelling contest? Hopefully, you’ll have the chance to make Maori friends or have a Maori tutor in your life. Due to the fact that they didn’t have a written language until colonization in the 1800s, Maori people are regarded as the best storytellers. For millennia, their language has lived and changed, being passed down orally through songs and tales. As a result, there may be many skilled storytellers among the Maori.

Maori Can Determine A Person’s Social Level Based on Their Tattoos


Did you know that each and every Maori tattoo is unique? Tribes employed tattoos as a means of communication to identify a person’s family history, social standing, and membership. Even today, this technique is still used, and some tribal members of great heritage (rangatira – chiefs) will have moko on their chin and face. The tattoos were filed using the “Ta Moko” method, which is a traditional tattoo manufacturing process that was injected into the skin using the shark’s teeth.

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Music And Dancing Are Extremely Important For Them


Beautiful kowhaiwhai and tukutuku designs and whaikaro (carvings) adorn the Whare-nui, the meeting house at the Marae, expressing their history and traditions both verbally and artistically (a place to gather).

A spiritual understanding that is intertwined with the significance of their culture, language, and people, the Maori have a rich and distinctive culture that combines art, oratory, and group performance. The tongue is regarded as a treasure (a treasure and one to be cherished and protected).

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