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5 Best Movies On Netflix For Learning Dutch

If you want to learn English, we already have classics like Friends, How I Met Your Mom, etc. But if you are into Dutch, what should watch to get to know this language? We have the list of the 5 best movies on Netflix for learning Dutch for you!

Riphagen – Movies For Learning Dutch


This is another movie about Second World War in the Netherlands. However, we ensure that Riphagen – The Untouchable is well-deserved your time. It’s because the movie mainly concentrates on an underacknowledged part of history: Dutch association with the Nazi government.  

This cliff-hanger tells the real story of Dries Riphagen. He is a heartless criminal who teamed up with Nazi occupiers in order to kill Jews. By making friends with them and earning their trust, Dries is finally able to persuade them to give him their valuable property. After that, he betrayed them to the Nazis.

Jan van Liempd, a young policeman noticed Riphagen’s callous actions. Jan decided to haul Riphagen into court because of his crimes. The deadly chasing game won’t let you leave your screen even for a minute!

Loving Ibiza


This rom-com genre is crowd-pleasing and makes for a frankly entertaining for about 2 hours.

The characters descend on Ibiza, the party island, to chase love, adventure, and the sunshine. The group includes event planner Lizzy, retired rock star Lex, footballer Kevin, newly-divorced Jacky, and siblings Boyd and Dylan, who want to become an international DJ team. 

The four storylines collided and came to a climax at a nightclub. It’s truly the ideal option for a Saturday night. You can enjoy the background, and the plot as well as get one step closer to your Dutch learning path.

Bon Bini Holland – Movies For Learning Dutch


Roberto Florentina is a crook who operates a small-sized scam corporation on the Curaçao island. He makes money by offering fancy places to visitors to hire. The thing is the owners of these apartments have no clue about the deals.

Bon Bini Holland is a thriving Dutch comedy movie. It is extremely goofy, but it is the key that raises a laugh. The main character of the movie is the famous Dutch comedian Jandino Asporaat. He has a huge amount of followers in the Netherlands because of his distinctive style of sketch shows and stand-up comedy.

Layla M


Growing up in Amsterdam, Layla is a smart young girl who is at the blooming age of 18. Also, she is unrealistic and stubborn. She finds struggles to balance her sacred beliefs with a community that appears more and more intolerant. 

Layla then evolves into a group of revolutionary Muslims and flies to Jordan. However, what she sees is an extremely patriarchal society that buries her dream of controlling her own fate.

Layla M depicts a mesmerizing, perceptive, and unbiased illustration of one girl’s radicalization. The movie shows a bit about the dark side of religions. So, it’s a good way for you to learn vocabulary about this field.

The Resistance Banker – Movies For Learning Dutch


Walraven van Hall works as a banker during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. Witnessing the destruction caused by the heartless Nazi, he decided to secretly fund the Dutch resistance. 

Based on a real story, this movie throws light on a fairly unknown feature of the war. As you wish, there are histrionic Nazi attacks, secret gatherings, and narrow getaways. But the flick also has an understated statement in its exploration of the confidential logistics of partisans. That is even fighting evil has a price tag.

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