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25 Pictures That’ll Make Aussies Laugh And Leave Everyone Else Confused

Australians have a very distinct sense of humor.

This accurate, fast food alignment chart

This is a snapshot titled ‘you’ve heard of elf on a shelf, how about…’

This headline was not by chance.

This Coles tip is spot on.

This look into Australian culture

These inventive renaming ideas for what was originally known as Coon cheese

This is a love letter to one of our all-time favorite treats.

This work of art was created from four lids from an Australian icon.

This artwork, which I want on a t-shirt

This is a Reddit poll that everyone can relate to.

This is the shirt you should get your mother for Chrissy.

This smell is either a troll or a fantastic gift for the handyman in your life.

This remarkably precise glimpse into an alternate timeline

This specific call-out

This is a reference to the original Aussie viral video.

And this one as well

This far too real call and response

This exceptional omen

This is a throwback to your childhood, when you would overfill your glass and hope your mother didn’t notice.

This is a flashback to your adolescence, just hanging around at Westfield.

This is the ultimate spin on the Bernie meme.

This summer’s nightmare

This inventive t-shirt design

A Look Into Sydney’s Australian Technology Park

10 Facts About Australian Culture You Should Know

Weird Typical Australian Things That Surprise Me

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