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20 Phrases That a Canadian Would Never Use

People from all over the world, particularly Americans, often mock Canadians for the things we say and do, yet we are entirely normal and they are out of touch. Let’s have a good chuckle at 20 phrases Canadian will never say, along with our retort to Americans who berate us for our references:

1. ” Can I get a Bloody Mary please? ” Because Clamato is terrible, we have Caesars that are 10000000 times better. How about a Caesar-style meal?

2. ” A-boot? ” Simply said, we don’t say it that way.

3. ” I’m not sorry.” The majority of Canadians are incredibly nice and forgiving.

4. “Eh?” Ok, occasionally perhaps.


5. “My cash is soaked.” because, dude, we use plastic money!

6. “Can I get change for a $1 bill?” We have nut jobs, unlike the United States.

7. “Yuck, cheese and gravy.” Stop lying, poutines are amazing.

8. “What’s a double-double?” Duh, two sugars and two milks or cream.

9. “Can I get a case of beer please?” mostly because we call them two-fours.

10. “Where are the restrooms?” Let’s face it, the majority of us refer to them as “rest rooms.”

11. “I’m currently unable to afford medical attention.” Thank God for free healthcare.


12. “For the letter Z, use “Zed.”” Zee, please.

13. “Maple syrup is too sweet.” Life is maple syrup.

14. “Come sledding with me.” We went sledding.

15. “I was exempt from paying for shipping.” We always have to pay for shipping when we order online.

16. “The word should be spelled color.” It’s not, it’s color.

17. “During the winter, nothing is available to do.” Just kidding, whoa! So many enjoyable activities!

18. “I want Dunkin’ Donuts or Crispy Cream.” Since Tim Hortons is the best, no thanks.

19. “I’m unable to get to work or school due to the weather.” There are no snow days here.

Here are some Phrases A Canadian Will Never Say. Do you add anything?

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