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12 Culture Shocks In Canada That Will Surprise First-Time Visitors 

The culture of immigrants from many countries has influenced Canadian society. In fact, a lot of recently arrived expats might be astonished to see traces of their own culture in Canada’s diverse traditions. Even while most expats are unlikely to experience culture shock in Canada, there are still a few things to be aware of. Here are 11 culture shocks in Canada, such as indigenous people, such as their food, their society, and their character.

Diverse Culture Food In Canada

Canada is a vast nation with a variety of cultures, environments, food, languages, and histories. Canada “has a cuisine of cuisines,” as former Canadian prime minister Joe Clark put it. Smorgasbord, not a stew pot. Every Canadian has a unique relationship with the nation and its food, from the solitary trappers and oil rig workers who live in the far north to the cosmopolitan citizens of its large southern cities.


The same diverse influences that shaped culture in Canada also gave rise to the diversity of Canadian food. The impact of the three main immigrant groups from the 17th and 18th centuries—English, Scottish, and French—as well as that of the indigenous Canadian cultures known as First Nations, are still visible in today’s cuisine scene. You can begin to understand the various flavors influencing the Canadian culinary scene by adding the successive waves of immigration in the 20th and 21st centuries, which introduced South American, Asian, and Middle Eastern ethnic customs to Canada.

What, though, do these culture foods all have in common in Canada? They start by using ingredients that are on hand. The utilization of foreign recipes that have been modified to employ local ingredients is a recurring theme in Canadian cuisine. One such example is tourtière, a sort of French-inspired meat pie that can be prepared with beef, pork, or even fish. A large portion of Canadian cuisine is rich and richly spicy, demonstrating French influence. Additionally, it frequently contains large amounts of game meats like hare and deer as well as carbs like bread and potatoes. Naturally, given the frigid climate, it also offers a huge selection of soups and stews.

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Discrimination Is No More!

Canada is happy to say that it does not support or encourage any form of discrimination. In Canada, everyone is treated fairly. In Canada, it is unlawful to discriminate against someone based on their culture, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, language, or line of work. Discrimination is against the law in the nation and is strongly frowned upon culturally as well. In Canada, there are no instances where male students attend school more frequently than female pupils, in contrast to Asian nations. If there are more female students than male students in a specific class, don’t be shocked. Additionally, you can encounter individuals with varied sexual orientations. This commitment to treating everyone equally and with respect earned a spot on our list of the top 10 Canadian cultural surprises.

LGBTQ Accepting – Culture Shock In Canada


In Canada, homosexuality and LGBTQ+ rights are widely recognized. Canada has long been a friendly destination for international visitors and students due to its diverse culture. It is also one of the greatest places for LGBTQ+ students to study abroad, where they may take advantage of a gender-inclusive environment. Not to mention that in the 1990s, when much of the globe was still discussing whether same-gender marriage should be legalized, Canada passed a law prohibiting discrimination against the LGTBQ+ population. If you observe individuals accepting LGBTQ+ students in Canada, be prepared for a culture shock.

Indigenous People Have Shaped The Development Of Culture In Canada

First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples are referred to as Indigenous (or Aboriginal) peoples in Canada. These are the people who first inhabited the area that is now Canada. Over 1.6 million Canadians identified as Indigenous in the Statistics Canada census of 2016, making up 4.9% of the total population. Indigenous culture, language, and social institutions have affected the formation of Canada and continue to expand and survive despite being seriously threatened and, in some cases, exterminated by colonial forces. Indeed, indigenous people have shaped the development of culture in Canada.

Rich Ethnic Country – Culture Shock In Canada


You can experience another cultural shock in Canada because it is an ethnically diverse nation that invites visitors and students from all around the world. You won’t feel alone in having a different ethnicity in the majority of Canadian regions. It’s a wonderfully ethnically diverse nation overall, and you’ll meet more ‘minorities’ or diverse ethnic groups than you might have imagined. While a student in Canada, making acquaintances with people of different nationalities and ethnicities as well. Additionally, it will provide you the chance to sample as many different cuisines as you can, but that’s just the cherry on top.

Canadians Are Nice

The fact that Canadians are generally quite amiable and polite is another significant point made on the list of the biggest culture shocks in Canada. Canada is ranked as being among the top 10 most hospitable nations in the world by Inter Nations, holding down the position of #10 on the list. Countries like Portugal, Taiwan, Mexico, and others topped the list. It can be shocking to people here because smiles with strangers are not common in many cultures. They will smile at you and are likely to always leave their doors open to assist you, even if you don’t know them and feel like an outsider.

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Climatic Shock


Canada boasts the world’s hottest summers and the coldest winters, with spring and fall temperatures ranging from 7 to 20°C. Wintertime lows can be as low as -30°C while summertime highs can range from 20 to 30°C. This culture shock strikes foreign students from Asian and tropical countries like India differently than other cultural shocks in Canada. In summary, students may need to adjust to the local climate before beginning their studies in a foreign city or state.

Canadians Enjoy Conversation – Culture Shock In Canada

Another cultural shock has been added to our list of the top ten in Canada. Unexpectedly, unlike people in other European nations, Canadians enjoy speaking and interacting! Many kind and welcoming individuals will greet you, smile at you, and are constantly willing to hang out or converse with international students. A small conversation is always advised as a fantastic approach to breaking the ice when meeting someone new in a foreign country. It’s also a great way to begin forging enduring relationships. Small talk subjects typically include the weather, sports, hobbies, current events, and other impersonal subjects. Thus, the next time, don’t be reluctant to start a discussion because it is an important aspect of Canadian culture.

Money Is Not A Crucial Element – Culture Shock In Canada Revealed By Indigenous People

There are a number of reasons why Canadians do not view money as a crucial element. One of them is that while the majority of Canadians do not share the Asian minority’s perspective that money is essential and should be equated with safety. One of the biggest culture shocks that international students could encounter in Canada is possibly this. When making friends and forming connections, Canadians do not consider one’s wealth because they do not associate wealth with health or status.

The Teaching and Learning Process In Canada


While group work or teamwork is a crucial component of Canadian education, many educational systems from across the world prioritize individual contributions in the classroom. During group work, you’ll need to get along with a variety of pupils and take ownership of your work without being overbearing. On the other hand, it is your obligation to complete individual tasks and exams. Prepare to collaborate in diverse learning teams since Canadians value diversity.

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Keep Your Life In Balance!

In India, we spend the majority of our time on academic pursuits or one or two pastimes that we enjoy or would like to pursue professionally. On the other side, people in Canada typically lead balanced lives, allocating time to a variety of pursuits like schoolwork, athletics, meditation, exercise, and social life. If you observe people in Canada giving sports, meditation, and academics equal priority, this can come as a culture shock.

Observe The Personal Space Of Others

Canada’s socially accepted behavior and regard for others’ privacy are major cultural shocks. Canadians would never advocate for or use words or gestures that could be harmful to other people. In other ethnic cultures, opening conversation starters include inquiries like “why you aren’t married yet” or “what is your salary or family income,” however in Canada, these inquiries are seen as being unduly inquisitive and personal!

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