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10 Things About Amsterdam That SHOCK Visitors

Hello and welcome to Amsterdam. We enjoy assisting tourists in planning their trips, and in addition to advising you on the greatest things to do, we enjoy sharing the things that will surprise you upon arrival in a new destination. Today we’ll provide the top 10 Things About Amsterdam That SHOCK Visitors.

Aggressive beggars – Things About Amsterdam That SHOCK Visitors

The aggressive beggars are the first thing you see when you exit the Amsterdam train station. Because of Amsterdam’s party culture, beggars are pushier in Amsterdam than in most other countries we’ve visited; they know vacationers are more inclined to give up money. Be prepared for this, as they will make you feel uneasy.

English is well spoken.

You’ll be surprised by how good everyone’s English is in Amsterdam. You don’t even need to try Dutch; everyone here speaks English fluently, including the beggars.

Ca.nn.abis Smoke


Even if you don’t go straight to the red light area, the strong odor of marijuana will hit you as you wander about Amsterdam. You’ll notice it everywhere, and there are coffee shops all around town with marijuana menus for you to order.

District of Red Lights – Things About Amsterdam That SHOCK Visitors

The Red Light District in Amsterdam is well-known, yet seeing it for the first time might be unsettling. Women will be seen in windows, attempting to draw customers inside. Despite how shocking this is, do not photograph them. Some visitors are also surprised to learn that this is only a small portion of Amsterdam and is not found across the city.

Amsterdam has an abundance of culture.

Outside of the Red Light District, Amsterdam is brimming with culture. The Rieks Museum’s art collection is world-renowned. Van Gogh’s work is the subject of an entire museum. Most art museums feature a “Dutch masters” section because a lot of art originated from the Netherlands.

The Long Line to See Anne Frank’s House

If you do not purchase your tickets in advance, you will be surprised at how long the lines are to visit the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. It can take hours to get inside, and many visitors abandon when they realize they will have to spend so much time in line. It’s a moving and worthwhile event; just plan ahead of time to save time.



Expect to get nearly killed by a bicycle or a tram at least once daily in Amsterdam. Consider this: “Red=Dead.” The red lane is only for cyclists, and pedestrians should avoid it or exercise caution when crossing it. If you get the chance to ride a bike in Amsterdam, take advantage of it; it’s a must-do activity. There are even bike tours available.

Amsterdam’s Canals and Architecture

Canals abound in Amsterdam, and they are breathtaking. There are dozens of lovely overlooks in town because there are so many bridges. And Amsterdam’s architecture is stunning to look at and photograph. Even while canal trips are somewhat touristic, the scenery are well worth it.

Expensive Accommodation – Things About Amsterdam That SHOCK Visitors

Hotels in Amsterdam are shockingly pricey, especially on weekends. You can stay in Haarlem or another little town just outside the city center for a fraction of the price.) You won’t spend much time in your accommodation when you visit Amsterdam because you’ll be out exploring, so don’t be too concerned if you rent a small room.

Stairs at a hotel

Expect steep, narrow steps to access your room if you stay in a smaller, independent hotel. Because you’ll have to haul your suitcase up these narrow, steep stairs, you should pack light. Check your accommodations ahead to determine if you’ll be scaling any steep steps for senior tourists or those with mobility concerns. If you require elevators, the larger chain hotels will most certainly have them.

Things You’ll Miss When You Move Away From Amsterdam

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  1. You mention the Rieks Museum. The spelling is Rijks Museum . Formerly it was Rijksmuseum, but these long Dutch words are too difficult for foreign visitors.


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