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10 Necessary Things You Need To Know If You Want To Live in Toronto

Did you know that Canada’s largest city is also one of the most multicultural in the world? Living in Toronto is like living in a melting pot, with over 140 different languages and dialects spoken. It may be argued that diversity makes Ontario’s provincial capital so beautiful and exciting.

Even though it is not the country’s capital, it is its most populous city. The provincial capital of Ontario is Canada’s cultural, financial, and commercial center, with a population of about three million people. Without further ado, here are the nine most important things to know about living in this amazing city.

Although the cost of living is high, so are the wages.


Toronto is an expensive city. It’s important to understand this from the start so you don’t get caught up in an investment that your budget can’t handle. The expenditures are expensive (as they are in many global metropolises), yet with good work, you can easily afford a reasonable living. Let’s start with housing prices before moving on to Toronto’s job opportunities.

A Significant Advantage of Living in Toronto – It Is Safe

The Economist Intelligence Unit classified Ontario’s capital as the fourth safest city in the world in 2017. The situation has not changed to this day, so if you are considering settling in Canada’s largest city, one thing is certain: you will feel protected.

Life in Toronto: Housing Prices are highly

A house costs approximately C$900,000 (approximately $640,000), and an apartment costs approximately C$1,100 (approximately $780) per square foot.

If you plan to live in a rented apartment, the monthly cost for a one-bedroom apartment is roughly C$ 2,000 ($1,400), and the monthly rent for a larger location, such as a three-bedroom apartment, is C$3,500 ($2,500).

Understand that winters are long when life in Toronto


If you are considering relocating to Ontario’s capital, look for the finest recommendations for transitioning to a new country and ask yourself if you are prepared to live in the Canadian climate. Although the winters are not as harsh as in other parts of Canada, they are still long and can be harsh.

Winter starts in December and lasts until March. It’s windy, and the temperature has dropped to -20° C (-4° F). That is why Canadians regard purchasing a good coat and a pair of quality boots to be a necessity.

It is a city with many neighborhoods.

Ontario’s capital is also known as the City of Neighborhoods. It is synonymous with diversity, with over 140 neighborhoods and districts. If you want to learn more about it, go to Grange Park, Downtown Chinatown, the Entertainment District, and the Fashion District, to mention a few.

Public transportation is generally dependable.


If you question someone about the public transit in this city, you are likely to hear a few of gripes. Despite the fact that it can be a nightmare at times, public transit in Toronto is dependable, whether you take a bus, a streetcar, or a subway.

Bikes came before automobiles.

Cycling culture is particularly prevalent in Ontario’s capital. Riding a bike is a terrific alternative to driving, and it is also excellent for your health is best way to enjoy life in Toronto.

Possibilities for Employment

The good news is that the central region of Ontario has a diverse range of well-paying career possibilities. If you want to work in financial services, advanced manufacturing, life sciences, blockchain, clean technology, and renewable energy, the provincial capital of Ontario, particularly its downtown region, is a must-visit.

The average monthly net pay is around C$ 4,000 ($2,800), while the average annual household income is around C$ 100,000 ($71,000). You can live comfortably and meet all costs with a smart financial strategy, including groceries, electricity bills, and public transportation.

Leave Your Car Keys at Home and Ride Your Bike Throughout the Day


It is possible to ride a bike in all four seasons with the proper equipment. A used bike can be purchased for between C$50 and C$200 (about $35 and $140). A new bike, on the other hand, can cost up to C$300 ($210). In addition, suitable equipment, including as brakes, front and rear lights, and a helmet, must be purchased.

Green Oases Can Be Found Everywhere.

People who are tired of the traffic and the incessant rush hour can easily escape to one of the area’s green oases. As a result, this area could be considered a park city.

This is Foodie Heaven on Earth.


One of the first things people say when discussing the benefits of life in Toronto is food. That’s not surprising, given Toronto’s fantastic culinary culture. The provincial capital of Ontario, like every other cosmopolitan metropolis, offers a tour around the world every time you go out to eat. Chinese, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, and Indian cuisines are all available. Each of these cuisines can be found in Canada’s most populous city.

It is home to several of Canada’s best film festivals.

Moving to a different nation makes you question how you will stay in touch with pals. You could invite your buddies to come and see you in your new place. If your new house is in the heart of Ontario, inviting them to a festival will be excellent.

More than 80 film festivals are held in the provincial capital of Ontario, including:

  • Toronto International Film Festival – one of the largest events of its kind in the world
  • The Human Rights Watch Film Festival – aims to remove all prejudice and protect and celebrate differences
  • Water Docs
  • Hot Docs
  • Also, being the center of culture and art, the Canadian most populous city has more than 200 performing art organizations and the same number of historic monuments and public art pieces.

Learn About Toronto While Eating Delicious Food

Real foodies don’t only go to restaurants; they investigate food on multiple levels, such as visiting to markets and experimenting with cooking at home. The greatest gourmet food stores in Toronto offer one-of-a-kind things as well as food from around the world, such as special French cheeses, Spanish olive oil, and unusual exotic sauces.

Don’t worry if you’re on a strict diet; the capital of Ontario has you covered. Vegetarian/vegan eateries and/or gluten-free meals can be found in practically every neighborhood. If you are allergic to a specific food, you can enjoy allergen-free dishes here.

The Queen City Is the Spot to Be

As you can see, Toronto is a city of communities, parks, film festivals, and art. Perhaps it is time to start compiling an inventory list and looking for international moving services. It’s time to start packing! The well-known Queen City awaits you. So life in Toronto is awesome.

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